3 Body Parts You Always Forget to Wash

Have you ever been able to scrub and wash the middle of your back? 

It makes you feel like some places were never meant to be washed. Well, some time ago, I scrubbed a lot of dirt from one of these 3 areas and I couldn't believe it.

The truth is that some of us skip washing these 3 places either because we do not pay much attention to our bodies or because we were in such a hurry to bathe.

Take your time to look good, it is your body and you deserve to flaunt it and look your best. Don't let no one, odor or improper hygiene stop you from doing just that.

1. Behind Your Ears

I think the ladies are more guilty of this, but men, you are not innocent either. Due to the fact that most ladies make their hair and cover it up in the bathroom, they might forget to scrub behind the ears and focus on just other parts to prevent water from touching their adored hair. 

I noticed that over time dirt begins to accumulate in this place and if you think otherwise, just hold your finger with the longest fingernail, place it behind any of your ears and scrape downwards. Now, look at your fingernail. 

2. Navel

I won't lie to you, I am guilty of this one, charged and found guilty of not taking care of this body part as supposed to. 

Some of us actually miss the navel, because we just scrub around the stomach twice or thrice, scrub other parts of the body, the scrub the stomach again and that is it. Jump into the shower or take the can filled with water and pour it on your body. 

It is time you start paying attention to these little spots like I do, these spots can accumulate germs like bacteria over a long period of time if unchecked and lead to mild or acute illnesses. 

So, whenever you are undressed, dig your longest fingernail into your navel and scrape up. I place a 100% bet you will find dirt there.

Beside the Nostrils

Okay, your FitnessDoctor is not guilty of this one. 

I began to notice this some years ago in some people and started correcting myself. Can you believe some of us don't scrub beside the nostrils? 

Go, check in the mirror, you will see some white, or grey stuff besides your nostrils. That is dirt there you know.

To look good you have to take care of yourself completely, I mean you have checked everything, every single part of your body because you deserve to look good. 

Remember, bathing properly and regularly is directly proportionally to smelling good and keeping it that way. 

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Stay Healthy, Stay Wise


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  1. ......Thinking.......

    Which One Am I Guilty Of?

    OOoooops! ALL OF THEM.

    Guess It's High Time I Start Giving My Body Its Due Attention. Thanks For Speaking To Me.

    1. Paul Samuel - FitnessDoctor8 June 2017 at 21:35

      You are welcome..

      Remember you deserve to look good, let no one tell you different

  2. Sometimes I give them attention and other times,I don't.

    1. Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor10 June 2017 at 20:54

      That is quite true for many people, but if you want to look good all the time, then you have to remember to do it all the time..

      Although I can remember digging up some dirt from my navel and that changed me entirely..

      Stay Healthy, Stay Wise