3 Ideas People Have About Exercise That Are Totally Wrong

Seeing someone jogging on the road at 5am in the morning is no longer a new thing. Many more people are becoming focused on their fitness than ever.

Although, there are some certain ideas or beliefs people have about exercises, some even do their exercises according to their beliefs which is just doing the opposite of what exercise is supposed to do.

Here are 3 ideas people have about exercises that are totally wrong

1. You must exercise till you are tired 

This is just completely wrong. Some people just think that if you don’t feel tired or sweat hard when or after exercising then you did not do anything.

Exercising is more than just about breathing heavily and sweating. Exercising till your muscles are fatigued is just a good way to waste your time and energy. 

There are people who don’t exercise at all, yet they live longer than those who take it upon their heads to exercise their heart out every single day (remember I said that exercising hard is worse than not exercising at all).

I remember when one of my subscribers told me that he was told that you should exercise for hours to get the best out of them. 

I completely disagree, the length of your exercise sessions should be based on what you are exercising for and the kind of exercises you are doing 

For example, my plank exercise session goes just for 30 seconds per side, two days later it goes for 1 minute and so on.

2. Wake Up and just exercise 

Sadly, this is how most Nigerians do their exercises, they just wake up and go with the next thing that come to their mind, which is mostly jogging. 

You should understand that exercises serve different purposes and provide different results, also when doing your exercises there are certain rules (like how to breathe during exercise) which should be observed to make sure you get best benefits of exercising. 

Did You Know?

Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor exercises just 15 minutes a day and 5 times a week and looks so much better than most Nigerians who do it for 30 minutes every day of the week.

3. Exercise is just for abs or curves 

I don’t really blame people for this, because this is what most fitness trainers, celebrities and media personalities advertise and talk about.

Curves and Abs are just one of the physical benefits of exercising and they should not be the main reason you exercise your body, although, this is the easiest way to entice Nigerians into agreeing to exercise.

You will see some people focusing on press ups and crunches just because they want to get abs, and most ladies focusing on squats because they want to increase their butt size.

Exercise should not just build your external system (i.e posture, abs, butt, chest etc), but also affect your internal system (and most importantly your immune system which is one of the reasons many people survive during the Ebola epidemic). This is one of the reasons why Kate Henshaw is looking ever green even at 45 because she took the internal system very seriously.

There are a lot about exercises that you need to know before trying them out and that is why having a handful of information beforehand is necessary. Always remember to follow the right tips and rules when doing your exercises to ensure you get the best out of them.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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