3 Things That Happen When You Over-Stimulate Your Brain

Remember that guy who claims he can do 10 things at once and still get the best results. 

Well, this article is about him and all those who think that taking two or three things at once is the best and fastest way to get things done. In other words, multi-tasking which leads to you over-stimulating your brain. 

Over-stimulation by multi-tasking yourself can happen even in the little things you do everyday. For example, replying messages on social media and watching tv, FitnessDoctor typing this article and watching CNN, watching tv and reading or writing. 

Some people claim that the brain is more like an advanced computer and the more you make use of it by putting many tasks into hand, the more you improve your IQ. 

But, we all know that we get the perfect results when we focus on a single project and even better you get easier ways to do it and also get those perfect results.

Be focused, concentrate on what you are doing to achieve the best results, don't jump from one opportunity to the other, but remember to create more opportunities with the one you have (the same thing as saying do not put all your eggs in one basket).

So here are 3 that happen when you over-stimulate your brain.

1. You don't get the best result

After going through a load of tasks within a short period of time and you get great results, you will receives praises, but someone might redo just one of those tasks and produce a much better result than you did and all your hardwork will be forgotten. 

To get the best results, incur less risks and more gains you need to be completely focused on that certain task rather than pride yourself as a jack of all trades and going them all at once. 

2. You Let Your Emotions Do The Talking 

Over-stimulation puts a strain in your brain, causing it to work hard for a certain period of time. If there is no enough rest for your brain then you can be dealing with more problems than just tiredness and frustration.

The strain on your brain can make you prone to emotional outburst like reacting more than normal to your mistakes and stressing yourself out eventually.

Over time you get more emotional to the mistakes and success you make and also get less patient with the process involved.

3. You Make Bad Decisions 

Remember, when you were rushing to get over with a certain task, just to go and watch tv, or to get something else done. You were already over-stimulating your brain and we all know how that ended.

I also remember washing place and taking sneak peaks at the Tv (which was way over there in the sitting room), at the end all the spoons and plates were tasting of detergent and I didn't even get to enjoy the show. 

Pushing yourself to work in a faster, and less focused pace just to get the work done quickly not only makes you miss a lot of things and learn less from the decisions you take, but, your decisions might also come back to haunt you later because they were either 
wrong decisions or or the decisions made were not enough to bring about the best decision. 

Try working hard on a certain task before moving on to another, remember no matter how you feel about a certain thing you are doing, keep doing it as long as logic says it is right. Sometimes you might think about doing a certain task but feel like doing another and another. 

If you keep allowing your feelings decide what you want to do and when you want to do it, you might never get the best out of anything and always find it hard to meet up with time. 

Remember, you always deserve the best out of everything, no matter what it is.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise.

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