5 Reasons Why Most Nigerian Guys Have Body Odour

A lady once told me that one of her criteria for choosing a man is that he must smell really good.

"why such a requirement" I asked

"Because most Nigerian guys stink and I love a good smell" she blurted

Now, this is not what just one lady thinks but what almost everyone knows, that a lot of guys out there really stink of body odour.

My nose has witnessed it first hand and that is one of the reasons I am writing this article.

Sometimes it is not just their fault, as it takes a lot of work to smell good and even look good.

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5 Reasons Why Most Nigerian Guys Have Body Odour

1. They don't bathe well

Most Nigerian guys bathe like Fast and Furious. Sponge here and there and then pour the water on their body and that's it. They believe its only women that are meant to bathe for long and maybe bathe well too. A little scrub here and there will do. But this is just wrong.

Bathing is meant to remove dirt and odours, also reduce the amount of skin bacteria which leads to these odours, so if you think there is no need to scrub really hard and scrub very well then there is no reason for you to wonder why you smell so bad.

2. They don't bathe on weekends

Ladies!!, show me a Nigerian guy that bathes normally on weekends and I will treat you to dinner by the end of the day. 

Especially for students and those who don't get to work on Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). They might as well skip the morning bathe, skip the afternoon if still less busy and take a bathe around 4 to hang out with friends.

Even your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor was once among these guys.

Nigerian guys believe that since they do not have much doing on the weekend, then there is no reason to sponge up.

3. Too lazy to groom

Most Nigerian guys are too lazy to clean up themselves, their houses, kitchen, backyard, toilets, armpit hairs etc just reeks of their personality. They don't really give themselves that much time expect they are inviting a girl over, or trying to get a girl.

That's when you see them brushing like soldiers to kill mouth odour, bathing and scrubbing, cleaning their apartment as if the Health Inspector is coming over.

4. They don't admit it, but cover it up

Most Nigerian guys don't want to admit to themselves that they do have body odour. They take a sniff at their armpits and ugh!!! it reeks, but instead of doing the right thing to get a good scrubbing, they head straight into the market to get the best body spray to cover it up.

Even someone offers a body spray as a birthday gift, they start claiming that he/she is giving the impression that he has body odour (which he knows he has)

You would notice in some individuals that when the smell of the body spray begins to die down, they start smelling weird.

5. It is normal

I heard someone say this quite recently, that body odour is normal and you can never stop sweat. Well, I know that I smell good even when I sweat so I don't understand where this kind of lazy mindset is coming from. 

Body odour is a sign that you are not cleaning up properly, if you are saying that body odour is normal and men don't have to work themselves to smell good, that is saying that Vaginal odour is normal and women should worry about it. 

There may be many more reasons why Nigerian guys have body odour, but from my experience, this is why most of them have it. Today also, the 4 secrets to killing body odour without deodorant post is coming up. Don't worry you wouldn't have to spend a dime to smell good.

Remember you deserve to look good, let no one tell you different.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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