8 Lifestyle Habits You Should Change To Make You Fall Asleep Faster

When it becomes hard for you to fall asleep and stay it asleep it is due to a lot of factors, which are caused by you. You might not know this and start struggling to keep yourself asleep when all you have to do is make a few lifestyle changes and you will be asleep in no time. 

Here are 8 things you should do to make you fall asleep faster. 

Remember, for you to make anything the FitnessDoctor tell you to work for you, you have to follow through it everyday and make it a part of your lifestyle.

1. Cool yourself down 

You can do this by having a bath at most an hour before bedtime. Make it closer to when you are supposed to go to sleep. I (FitnessDoctor) takes my bath 45 minutes before going to sleep.
Bathing helps cool and calm your body, which is ideal if you want to fall asleep in a short period of  time.

2. Create a sleep schedule and stick to it 

Create a sleep schedule, i.e. when you are supposed to sleep every night and when you are supposed to wake. 

Programme your mind and body to believe that you will go to sleep at that time and wake at that time. This can be achieved when you go to sleep at the exact time continuously for a period of time. If your sleep schedule is just right you will always wake up early and wake up strong. 

3. Get Comfortable 

Your room needs to be an ideal sleeping environment before you really doze off. That normally means cool, dark and quiet  (you can go for dim colored lights, if you can’t deal with sleeping in the dark). 

Remember to get ear plug to block out noise and eye masks to block out light, and a better pillow (although sleep without you pillow is much more better for your body.

Did You Know?
Adults who don't get enough sleep tend to act sluggish, but sleep-deprived children may be hyperactive.

4. Limit your daytime naps

Daytime naps may interfere with nighttime sleep, so if you really want to increase your chances of falling and staying asleep at night then you should reduce the amount of time you spend napping during the day.

5. Limit your activities an hour before bedtime.

According to your sleep schedule, one hour before bedtime you should stop most activities. Turn off your tv, stay away from social media instead listen to soft music, read a book or any other activity which calms down your mind.

Did You Know?
Children tend to fall asleep faster and sleep longer when they go to bed before 9 p.m

6. Beware of the time

Many of us may have the habit of checking the time when we find it hard to sleep. There is actually nothing wrong in being time conscious on a normal day, but for a good night rest, you need to never check the time no matter how hard it is for you to fall asleep.

Checking the time only increases your anxiety and makes it harder for the instructions in this ebook to work, therefore, you will never get the good night sleep you deserve. Beware of the time!!

7. Lie on your sides 

I found out that lying on my sides; helps me fall asleep faster and best of all my right side. The right side relieves will relieve your back of pressure and make it easier for you to fall asleep

8. Change your Eating Habits

Eating heavy meals, drinking caffeinated drinks and even alcohol affects how fast and how good your sleep will be. 

Avoid these meals and also late night eating has it’s own list of problems and they all should be avoided. Try to cook your meals early, but if you can’t afford the luxury then try taking something light to bed.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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  1. So All Unhealthy Habits Boils Down To Our Lifestyle ha?
    It Kindda Makes Sense though.

    I've Decided To Stick To These While I #Change my lifestyle to a healther one. (it ain't eassy sha, but its worth living for).

    Thanks For Sharing.