3 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water During Meals

So, I was just swallowing some lumps of eba and after emptying the plate, I drank a glass of water. I rose up from the chair and felt like I had eaten a village, remember those kinds of meal you eat and you know that this is how it feels to be full. 

I also noticed I felt heavier than I would be normal and then I understood what I did differently.

Water is very important, not only for our existence but for our continued well being, the universal solvent is the most vital and yet the cheapest (in some places it doesn't cost a thing).

So here is why you should start drinking more water during meals

1. It is very important for easy digestion.

You can all agree with me that when you hold a piece of broomstick and snap it, it breaks. But, when you hold together a tied bunch it is more difficult to snap, although the bunch eventually breaks it is strenuous.

That is just what we do when we don't take water during meals. We allow the food to build up in our system, which was what made me feel heavy after eating. This way it will take a while longer for the food to get digested just as I explained in the broom scenario.

Did You Know?

Drinking much water helps keep your skin fresh, brightens your complexion, fight against pimples, cures some headaches and make you feel at ease. But alas, it makes you sweat more, a price we have to pay to look good.

2. It makes you get full quickly

Taking water during meals is a great way to control your weight and for those who are trying to lose weight, it is a great way to control how much food you eat.

If you have not read the FitnessDoctor's ebook on belly fat loss, you could probably know this.

Taking water before and during meals helps you get full quickly and is what I use to keep myself looking good rather than starving myself like other people do just to lose weight.

3. It makes pooping a lot easier

Remember when pooping and it seems that the excreta just wants to remain there, well, you have no one but yourself to blame. Why not take more water in during your meals and stop calling on the name of "Jesus" to come and help push it out. 

Constipation is not just caused by what you eat and don't eat, it also happens when you don't take enough water after meals.

Start taking more water, but remember, not to give your kidneys overload, I recommend a daily intake of 8 - 10 glasses and you should stick to it. 

Take more water to look good and keep it that way, because you deserve to look good. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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