How Drinking 8 - 10 Glasses of Water A Day Changed My Life

Everyone surely knows the delicious benefits of water. The zero calorie solvent is the most important liquid on earth and its delicious benefits are something every living being craves for every day. 

But the question is, are we taking enough? and is taking enough really important?

I remember years ago before I decided to follow health directives to the book. I remember when I was just becoming responsible. I got a job and had to wake up every morning for work and return back home by dusk. 

Time passed and I was beginning to get stressed, some slight headaches here and there. I found out that it was getting more difficult for me to get up from bed in the morning even though I was completely awake. My fair complexion has already become dull and most bleaching creams in the market were not helping at all. 

So what was happening? What changed? 

Most of us don't know the true benefits of water because we think we are too busy to care about good health or hustling too hard to stand and ask, am I giving my body what it truly needs?

Do you know that right now, you are performing below your best, but you think you are giving it your all.

You are not because your brain is not performing to its full capacity and that is because you are not feeding it completely. It is worse if you have not yet subscribed to my blog (Subscribe here)

When I started taking 8 - 10 glasses of water every day, I began to feel different, energized, I began to do things more efficiently and make better decisions, I became more focused. Remember I told you all that I once worked for a company and I got promoted within 3 months, it was because I started looking out for myself. 

Water does not just refine your body, aid digestion and quench thirst, it does much more to your body organs (most importantly to your brain). 

Here are the things that changed in my life when I started taking 8 - 10 glasses of water daily.

Better Sleep 

It was not only hard for me to sleep, but it was hard to get up from the bed, you just have the feeling that you could stay there all day and hope you don't have to go to work. Water did not only energize my muscles, it made my mind sharper and more ready to face the daily challenges by enhancing the quality of my sleep. 

I Fell in Love With Work 

If you are working in Nigeria at the moment, then you must definitely be wondering the day you will be your own boss, or even better, retire and rest every day at home. I remember feeling like that, that the workload was just too much for too little pay, the stress, the fatigue, the headache and the extra responsibilities. 

Everything changed when I started doing the right thing, my body felt more at peace when I gulped in more water, stress was gone and so was fatigue, I didn't need to get paracetamol for my headaches anymore. I worked better and with a goal of getting promoted in mind. 

Mind you, I got it 3 months later.

DID YOU KNOW? Some headaches are a result of the lack of enough water in your body. Just take two glasses and you will be smiling already. 

No More Belly Fat 

Belly fat does not only kill your body image. It makes you feel like an old pregnant man when you stand and it there is just no way to hide. I got rid of belly fat so many times, but I got right back in just as many. I wondered what was wrong and if those success stories flooding the internet were lies. 

Truth be told, I was not living the healthy lifestyle, but just wanted to have rock hard six pack. Unknown to me, "to have it, you have to live it". 

Today it's a different story, drinking 8 - 10 glasses of water a day, did not only help control how much food I eat by making me get full quickly and hardly fall hungry, it also made me fall in love with exercise as my body is always energized to live the active healthy lifestyle.

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No More Dull Complexion 

If you have been following up on my blog, you will remember I talked about the 3 secrets for a healthy flawless skin. Well, water is one of those secrets and my complexion is an evidence to that.

For those of you who spend a lot on bleaching creams, there is really not need. 

If you noticed your complexions will become dull when you don't do 3 things, don't bathe well, don't sleep well and don't drink enough water. Surprisingly once you start bathing well and drinking enough water (also applying a secret ingredient every night), it will be easier for you to sleep well which all relates to a better complexion.

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It is very easy to live healthily and look good, all you have to do is take the decision like I did. If you keep spending your health to gain wealth then you will spend your wealth to regain health and it might cost you your life.

Take care of yourself, Drink up enough to make your body perform at levels you never knew it could reach. Remember when you were frightened by an animal and you jumped over the fence, you never thought you could do it, but hey, you just did. That is how much power and beauty is in your once you start following good health directives.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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