How to Make Your Armpit Smell Better Without Deodorant

Ugh!! Jesus!! 

I exclaimed after taking short sniff at my armpits. I believe the smell reconfigured my senses and I had to call on the name of the Lord, before I pass out. 

Possibly the most embarrassing moment in someone's life might be when you walk by someone and he holds his hand to his nose because of the way you smell. 

It might not have happened to you yet, but you don't actually know that people twitch their nose when you walk pass them, and especially when you are sweating or drying up. 

Now let me tell you something, most people will say to make your armpit smell better you should get a deodorant, but the FitnessDoctor thinks differently. Stop masking your smell because body odour is not just about the smell, it is also about the bacteria causing it and we don't want it to escalate into something serious.

So, here are 4 tips to make your armpit smell better without deodorant. 

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