One Exercise You Must Do Immediately You Wake Up

Most people just wake up in the morning and go about their daily activities, while others wake up and go with some exercises like jogging or jumping jacks. Well, both of you are doing things wrongly. 

Remember there are two things almost everyone does when they wake up from sleep. Yes, I mean the yawning and stretching, well, the latter is not only important but should also be the first exercise you do immediately you wake up. 

Stretching (I mean advanced stretching exercises) is more than just an exercise you should do for your own good (even cats and dogs do it every morning and every other time. No wonder you see them doing the unimaginable), it is something you should do because you want to enjoy the delicious benefits it brings. 

4 Delicious Benefits of Stretching Immediately You Wake Up

1. Flexibility

For those who enjoy going at great lengths to get pleasure during sex just like the FitnessDoctor, then this exercise will make all your fantasies come true. Stretching does not only make your body flexible but also makes it light and easier for you carry, ladies who have a large bosom like Roman Goddess and Cossy Orijakafor have this exercise to thank or their huge assets could have been a back aching detriment rather than a blessing. 

2. Postpones Old age 

Some years ago, I remember planning to live till I am 70, just because I don’t want to go through the pains and headache most old people go through. I definitely changed my mind when I came upon the delicious benefits of good health and today I am plan to live more than a century.

When you look at old people you see their bent backs (although some are already on wheelchairs) and you notice how hard it is for them to move about. You also notice that some of them look so old and so wrinkled and you wonder if you can escape that. 

Well, there is an 80 year old woman at the moment that looks younger than E.A Adeboye himself all because she decided to look good and exercise her joints and entire body through stretching and other exercises. 

3. No More Body Pains 

Stretching improves your body posture and strengthens the muscle around your joints and helps you maintain bone strength. All these make it easier for you to bend down and also help reduce the possibility of you developing body pain.

For those who wake up with body pains, and expect that jogging, press ups or any other exercise will do it for you, you need to change. You need to stretch out and relax those muscles that have undergone tension during your sleep or you night will only get worse.

4. Better Sleep 

Stretching makes it easier for you to fall sleep, although I don’t recommend you doing this exercise at night because I don’t. The exercise helps your body relax and when backed up with my stress controlling breathing techniques you will find yourself sleeping like someone who just got an alert of 30 billion in his account (something I need in this recession, the 30 billion I mean).

Fitness (health) is more than wealth; it is life and beauty in every form. It won’t take you much to move your body, but the benefits will make you look back and wish you had told millions of people the same (that is if you didn’t).

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Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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