One Good Night Sleep Is Better Than 1 Month Of Great Exercise

I always tell people that there is a right way to do things and you should always follow the right way no matter how other people are doing it.

Some people just wake up the next morning and decide to go jogging just because the FitnessDoctor told them it is a great way to help them keep fit.

But, you might not have known that if you don’t get quality sleep and still exercise your heart out every morning, you are no different from those who don’t exercise at all.


Sleep controls a lot of things in your life (and yes, they control how good you will be in bed), from your moods to libido, attitude, how you eat and even your sense of humour. Also, it controls how well you will do in that interview and if you will ace that exam or not.

If someone tells me that my ebook on belly fat does not work for her, even though she exercised to the fullest, my next thought goes to her sleep, because it affects your metabolic rate (how fast your body burns calories) and anything lesser than great quality sleep will  definitely affect how fast you lose weight or gain it.

If you exercise everyday to boost your immune system (note: a strong immune system was what made many people to survive the Ebola virus) or to make yoursel look younger even when you are at 50 and yet you still stay up at night watching the latest telemundo or to work on your blog, in the end, those who don’t exercise at all might be better than you because you are just stressing your body double fold just by exercising.

In fact, good sleep determines if you will exercise that day or not and how well that exercise session will go.

It is like expecting yourself to have fresh skin, but yet you refuse to stay away from the sun and neglect taking at 8 -10 glasses of water a day and yet you wonder why the FitnessDoctor is looking so fresh even in this recession.

Now remember, when it comes to sleep, quality is always better than quantity. I might get just 6 hours of sleep a night, but I will do even better than you who gets 8 hours every night.

So don’t think because Dangote gets 4 hours of sleep every night, that you should do the same, because the man sleeps in a literal heaven, while most of us have to battle mosquitoes and hard pillows (no wonder the rich always get richer).

A good night sleep refines your body and brightens your mood. The feeling you get when you wake up from a good night sleep is just like that feeling you get when your crush finally says yes to you or when Nepa provide electricity after going on leave for a long time.

Every good looking person knows that it takes more than eating well and exercise to look great and that is why they add a little extra which they don’t tell you about and you are always wondering how you can be just like them.

If you are trying to follow the healthy life and look good, you must understand that it not just all about exercise and eating healthy, everything you do, including biting of fingernails must change.

There is a big difference between quality (how well you sleep) and quantity (how long you sleep) and if you want to find out how you can get quality sleep or how you can fall asleep in less than a minute (for those who find it hard to sleep), you can join the healthy community here and we will talk about it.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise 

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