3 Weird Homemade Remedies You Should Try Out

I decided to place this 3 homemade remedies on my weird list, just because they are unusual. It is not something you would easily find someone doing in this part of the world, or it is something you will see someone doing and you will think that they are going running mad.

In this present times, homemade remedies have become very important, that people like you and I are now choosing them over drugs (those bitter things).

I believe this is because of 3 things

  • Homemade remedies work
  • Homemade remedies are cheaper
  • Homemade remedies have less or no side effects

But we also need to be careful, homemade remedies may look like a light in a dark room but they are not all that, some of them are quite dangerous with very bad side effects especially when administered wrongly.

So here are 3 Weird Homemade Remedies You Should Try Out

1. The "Blocked Nose" Remedy

This remedy truly works, but how well it will work will depend on you.

A blocked nose is a serious issue and although it can be dealt with if you have your everyday nasal decongestant, you can choose to whip up a homemade remedy instead.

Here it goes

Simply press your tongue against the roof (top) of your mouth, then simultaneously flick your finger against the area between your eyebrows.

What does this do?

This makes the bone in your nose to rock (move) back and forth which loosens up your nasal passage and clear your sinuses (that is the cavity in the bones of the skull or face connecting with the nasal cavities) up after about 20 seconds.

Normally it will relieve you of some stress and give you some breathing space.

2. The "Headache" Remedy

Headaches are more than just troublesome uninvited guests, sometimes they take it to a whole new level, making you postpone things and cut up your work or fun.

Normally, a painkiller is the next action to gain a relieve. But instead of dousing your intestines with chemicals why not try a homemade remedy that will cost you nothing.

It's the good old zero calorie H20 (that's water by the way)

How Does It Work?

Dehydration might be the trigger for your headache and a simple drink of water could make it go away.

When you start feeling the throbbing headache, drink several glasses of water. Remember not to gulp them down like you are in a marathon race. What you need is to take it slowly and in a relaxing manner.

You can also take herbal tea instead of water, but avoid caffeinated drinks or alcohol.

3. The "Pimple" Remedy

I have been getting lots of questions asking me how I got rid of my pimples, scars, and blackheads since most of the products on the market failed.

Well, we all know that most of the products on the markets are hyped. Some even contain elements like hydroquinone. So many of us are looking at homemade remedies, which surprisingly work better than those products and are even less expensive with lesser side effects (bleaching being the number one).

So, here is a simple remedy, it is very popular in many parts of the world, but most people are still doubting that it works. Well, it worked for your favorite health blogger.

I am talking about the pawpaw face mask remedy.

Weird right? you are supposed to be eating the fruit and not mashing it on your face. But you would be surprised it works wonders on your face "when done right".

It takes away blemishes, like pimples, blackhead and even helps with uneven skin tone. When mixed with some certain products, you will be blown away by the effects.

So there you have it 3 weird homemade remedies you can try out.

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor.

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