4 Reasons Why Condoms Tear During S£x

Condoms have been around and used as a contraceptive way longer than you can imagine. They date as far back at the 19th Century, typically the first time it was promoted to the poorer classes.

According to most condoms wrappers, they offer almost 100% protection from STDs and pregnancy, the former being the most dreaded, but that doesn't still rule out the fact that they do tear during the heated activity. 

It might take a little as a second or more like a minute to discover the tear depending on how engrossed you are in the activity, but a condom tearing during sex is not something you should take lightly especially if you don't know your partner's status. 

Sadly, most Nigerians don't know their partner's status. Don't worry even your favorite health blogger didn't know his first partner's status either. But it's highly important you know your partner's  status as the almost 100% protection offered by condoms isn't still good enough.

So that's a double burn, you can't rely on them for 100% protection and they can still tear during s#x and leave you at 0%.

So here are 4 Reasons Why Condoms May Tear During Sex

1. Poor Lubrication

Condoms come with their own lubrication, I mean the stuff that makes them kind of sticky and smooth to rub on, but you might want to add some extra just to keep it that way. 

Remember that most male condoms (if not all) are made of latex, so you want to check the kind of lubricant you are using or you might be putting yourself at risk. 

It is recommended you go for water-based lubes and stay off oil-based lubricants (even I wouldn't make a mistake with this one).

2. Lack of Space 

This goes to the guys.  A condom is made of "thin" sheath (I hope you are seeing the quotation). This means there is a high chance that too much pressure might make it rip.  

Now when putting on a condom you are expected to leave out some space at the tip which accommodates your sperm when you ejaculate. 

If you wear the condom fully and your Pen!s takes up this space, there is a high chance your ejaculation might cause the condom to rip. 

The chances are also higher if the condom is too small.

3. Bad Storage

Remember that warning they write in most materials we buy:

"Please store in a cool dry place" 

Turns out that it applies to condoms too. Heat damages condoms (especially those made of latex), so you shouldn't store them in your wallet (Guys!!!). Keep them somewhere they can be cool. 

And don't store them in your back pocket like I did (not even the wallet), those things really embarrassed me in a public place. Imagine picking them up while some onlookers watched.

4. Expired

No.4 is here because I live in Nigeria and I know I drank an expired beverage because I can't  let the sweetness and of course the cash just waste like that. So, I believe many guys could still use a condom even though the expiry date says "since World War II".

Now, drinking an expired beverage was really bad for me even though I didn't fall sick and you should take note. If you are able to abide by the expiry date of a sausage-like gala when you purchase them, then it should be easier for you to abide by the expiry date of condoms. 

If you're also wondering how to last longer in bed without drugs or you're a lady and you are wondering how to keep having mind-blowing orgasms without even "needing the man" then stick to my blog. I got something coming up. 

I remain your favorite Health Blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor.

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  1. I laughed on seeing "World War II". It's funny but it's the truth, guys are really ignorant of this, not because they do know, but because konji Issa bastard. Lol

  2. Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor3 October 2017 at 20:56

    You are right.

    I decided to make a post on this because I got a lot of mentions when i said that condoms can break during sex.