6 Ways To Make Yourself More Intelligent

Everyone is intelligent, or let me say everyone believes they are intelligent. Well, if your mind just went to the low grades you are getting or got back at school, and you are thinking otherwise, this article is meant to help you improve on that.

With this article, you are going to boost your intelligence by just following some simple steps and you may ask.

"Does that mean better grades and bigger ideas for me"? 

Of course, it does. 

Here are  ways to make yourself more intelligent

1. Stop Using the Calculator

Calculators were made to make calculations easier, but somewhere along the line, you and I began depending on them so much that we no longer know what 12 x 9 equals to anymore. 

Back in Japan, the use of calculators is very restricted until a certain grade. Something you also note is that the Japanese have the longest lifespan in the world. 

Try taking the IQ test below without the use of calculators, it does not only put your brain to hardwork, it makes you more knowledgeable. 

Using calculators make our brains dependent on it to make calculations and this makes it harder for you to solve complex problems because your brain has been programmed to depend on an outside source.

2. Do Things Yourself

I believe this boss mentality came from our African parents, who could have something so close to them and always ask their children to get it for them. In this case, if you have a problem, rather than asking for assistance immediately, do it yourself for the next five minutes.

Rather than asking people to help you solve issues, try doing it yourself, by making research on your own, studying the process and applying it yourself, as you go through it you can request for assistance. 

This puts your brain to work and helps you explore new grounds. 

3. Read Books.

Remember Tyrion Lannister, the dwarf in the epic series Game of Thrones. 

He confirmed that reading books do not only boost your mind and intelligence, it also makes you resourceful. 

4. Avoid Overstimulating the Brain 

Avoid double tasking. 

Someone told me that double tasking helps you become smarter as you are able to take on two tasks at once. But in reality, it not only exhausts you physically but mentally. 

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As time goes on, you will be faced with several problems, with the most predominant being stress.

Overstimulating your brain by making it do excess work in a short amount of time, without adequate rest and sleep to compensate will not make you more efficient but lead to less productivity

Instead, concentrate on what you are doing, be focused and desire to bring out the best in it. 

5. Read and Watch the News

Remember the saying

"what our elders see sitting down, a child can never see, even if he climbs the tallest iroko tree"

This means that the elders are filled with knowledge and wisdom, this means that they are informed and have experienced a lot of things in life and that is what News channels can od of you too.

Keep your brain active by taking new information every day. Reading and watching news helps you learn new words every day and pushes you to read or watch something that is meant for "the intelligent people" like the Politics and Technology sections. 

Copyright: Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor (realfitbody.com)

Take aside one hour to watch channels news at 8 or News at Ten. You can try CNN and newspapers like The Sun, Vanguard, Daily Trust, ThisDay etc.

6Join a Health blog

Joining a health blog doesn't just make you more intelligent, it also makes you healthier, as it brings you one step closer to great health information that boosts your health levels and improves on your healthy lifestyle. 

Also, you can get information which helps reduces, stress, anxiety, worry, headaches which bring problems and reduces cognitive abilities.

Wonder which great healthy blog to join? 

Just try mine 

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