Ladies!!! Here is How Exercise Might Be Harming Your Breasts

Zooming through my articles you could see a billion benefits of exercising and I am sure it will get you hooked, but these benefits can only be attained if you do the right things and follow the right steps, because yes, exercises can actually become dangerous at some point. 

You wake every morning with a goal to keep fit, lose weight, get those hot curves you see those girls flaunt over Instagram or just to look and live healthily, whatever the reason is, if you are doing your exercises wrongly, it could have been better if you never tried at all.

As it turns out, exercises (if done wrongly) can make your breasts sag prematurely. But it can cause more harm to your breasts especially for those who exercise for long period of time. 

So how does this happen? 

When you run, there is a lot of movement going on around your chest region.

That movement goes up and down, forward and backward and side-to-side. If you are not protecting your breasts properly (a quality sports bra should do the work), all of this movement wouldn't just make you uncomfortable, it actually could cause your breasts to sag prematurely. 

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There is another issue of breast soreness (especially for ladies who love to run and those who are well-endowed). 

High-impact exercises like running can stress the ligaments and muscles in your chest causing soreness and discomfort (which is why you should be wearing proper clothing when doing your exercises). 

What should you do?

From the lots of mails, I receive about losing weight or exercising, jogging, jumping jacks, squats and skipping are the most common exercises for ladies these days. Unfortunately, these are among the top exercises which exert a great pressure on the breasts. 

The best way to stop the pain, soreness and premature sagging is to wear a good, supportive sports bra, in fact, your entire sportswear should be of good quality. Making sure you get the right size, not too tight and not too loose.  

Although it is inevitable that you'll feel sore after doing certain chest exercises, the better quality your sportswear has the less likely it is to cause painful friction or a strain.Also, it is recommended your place ice on the spot and take Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) if you feel achy after working out. 

Don't push yourself too hard whenever you are exercising. You already have a goal which you are trying to achieve as fast as possible but all these will strain your muscles and cause more bad than good. Take it one step at a time, the slower your body adapts to exercising the more benefits you will get from it. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor.

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