5 Tips That Will Help Get Rid Of Depression Almost Immediately

I decided to put up this article due to the many suicide cases cause primarily by depression you can find on the internet. Depression makes you feel helpless, dejected and lonely. The medical illness is one of the many mental illnesses that affect a large number of individuals.

Depression can be caused by these factors 

  • Genetics
  • Biological - changes in neurotransmitter levels
  • Environmental
  • Psychological and social (psychosocial) 

While treatments for depression exist (psychotherapy and drugs treatment), I am going to share some natural treatments that will help you get rid of depression and make you feel better. 

5 Tips That Will Help Cure Depression Almost Immediately

1. Focus on your goals 

Depression might make you feel worthless and helpless. When you become depressed you begin to focus on your under-achievements, shortcomings and compare yourself to other people you believe are better than you. 

In the long run, this will not only harm your social life but your brain too making you feel more depressed. Instead, focus on your goals, on the things you have achieved so far, on the trials you overcame that made you stronger, on where you are headed. 

All these will make you feel better. And please, do not play any depressing music, something like Sia - Never Give Up would be great.

2. Cause Your Body To Release Antidepressants

Antidepressants will help brighten your mood as you follow the first step above. You can make your body release more antidepressants by exercising. 

Exercising temporarily boosts certain chemicals called endorphin which makes you feel better. By simply taking a walk you are encouraging your brain your release these chemicals which help decrease your depression levels. 

These chemicals can be likened to the same chemicals which make you feel better and fall asleep after s€x.

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3. Laugh

Focusing on your goals and causing your body to release antidepressants goes a long way to reduce your depression levels and make you feel better. But now its time to laugh. Laughter will not only make you feel happier faster but will make it less likely for you to feel depressed again. 

You can check out jokes on the internet like the Facebook page "Sarcasm" (makes me lol) to make you laugh or download some comedy skits on your phone. Being with your friends is also a great way to improve your mood. Don't isolate yourself.

When you feel depressed you should not focus on the negative emotions rather fight them, because you are not worthless or helpless. These emotions tend to increase your depression levels and make you assume situations that don't exist. 

4. Get Enough Sleep 

Sleeping right helps your body and brain function properly and makes every other tip to rid of depression work even faster. 

Create a sleep schedule (I have said this like 1,000 times), and stick to it. 

Sleeping right will make this 5th tip work even better 

5. Think and Re-plan 

Now, that you are focused your goals and yourself. It is time to think and re-plan. Depression makes your dreams look unrealistic and undermines your achievements.

It is time you take a look into this with a positive and happy mind and remind yourself of your goals and where you are headed.

If your depression is as a result of relationship problems or a breakup,  then it is best you focus on No. 2, 3 and 4. Talking to someone about it will also help.

Whenever you feel depressed, don't sit down and get lost in your thoughts, instead get active and enjoy yourself because you deserve all the good things of life. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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