Grandma Jumps Out of Flying Plane at 13,000 Feet On 95th Birthday

Making it to 95 years could be a really big achievement, but making it to this age and still living a fun, happy life is a bigger achievement. 

Pensioner Bettie Butler from Indiana, United States celebrated her 95th birthday by jumping out of an aircraft from 13,000 feet up. 

According to her, she had always wanted to do it after she watched President W Bush jump out of a plane aged 90.

Normally, when you think of old people, you will imagine someone who finds it difficult to move around without any help or someone who lives a really boring life.

But clearly, Bettie is showing us that life can be fun no matter how old you are, especially for those who take their health seriously when they are young. 

She said her favorite part of the jump was under the canopy because she could see everything and everyone. 

After her safe landing, she joined her family and friends to celebrate her birthday with a massive party. 

Bettie is now a prodigy. Being able to do what some youngsters wouldn't even dare at an old age. She did not just get to have all these fun by luck. She had to eat right, sleep right, exercise and best of all take her health and fitness seriously.

Just watch out, your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor is going to beat that jump on his 100th birthday. 

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