This Automatic Toothbrush Will Clean Your Teeth In 10 Seconds

If you have ever been late for work, school, seminar or something important then you'd be familiar with skipping one or both of these things; brushing your teeth and having a bath. 

The latter might seem pretty disgusting and most people, including me, would and have gone with the former. At that moment all that mattered was getting there early and skipping that 3-minute process wouldn't hurt anyone (that's if you take some mints). 

Well, there is no need for that anymore with this electric toothbrush from Amabrush.

Imagine being able to brush without your gums bleeding out, without those yellow stains stubbornly clinging to your teeth after you rinse your mouth, imagine brushing without moving your hand at all, imagine cleaning your teeth within 10 seconds.

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This electric toothbrush (unlike your regular toothbrush) is designed to bring your imagination to life. I mean simply stick the brush in your mouth and just stand there doing nothing for 10 seconds and there you have it, you are all cleaned up. 

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The electric toothbrush is designed to be held in place so you can skip the long strokes because you don't have to stroke anymore. 

The bristles are soft, in order to not damage your gums. And you should just wiggle the toothbrush with subtle vibrations, instead of doing long strokes.

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So no more strokes and bleeding gums, well this electric toothbrush promises more. The bristles are aligned at a 45° angle against the gum line and are soft enough in order to rub instead of scratch (one of the reasons your gums bleed and you are barely able to get the white glistening teeth you want). And the pressure against your teeth is light. Subtle vibrations move the bristles back-and-forth, which allows them to remove plaque and keep your gums undamaged.

Amabrush is made out of three parts:

The Mouthpiece
The Handpiece (handle)
The Toothpaste Capsules

The mouthpiece looks like a mouthguard (for boxers) and has a removable handle that attaches via magnets. Fortunately, everyone in the family does not have to use the same mouthpiece, you can simply detach the handle and use it for multiple brushes. 

Toothpaste goes through the battery-powered handle directly into the brush, and it then vibrates bristles set at the ideal 45-degree angle, just like you're supposed to do on your own.

According to the brand, the internal battery lasts for up to 28 uses, and for easy convenience, you can charge it with either with the including charging pad (wireless charging) or with your smartphone charger. 

Whats more?

With Amabrush you won't only have to start brushing for shorter periods, but you won't also need to change your toothbrush very frequently. The brand recommends you replace the mouthpiece every six months, which is less frequently than you would any other brush. 

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So does your favorite health blogger have one yet?

Nope. At the moment Amabrush isn't available until December, with prices starting at $88. (way cheaper than an iPhone X). 

I remain your favorite health blogger Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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