This Breakfast Style May Change Your Life

"You are what you eat". Almost everyone knows this phrase, but very few people understand that meaning of it.

You are what you eat, goes beyond the food you see with your naked eyes and everyone who takes this phrase seriously can attest to the benefits. In fact, you are reading the article written by one of its beneficiaries.

Food is meant to be any nutritious substance you take in to maintain life and growth and not just any tasty delicacy you eat to fill your stomach.

This is why you see some people who eat even less than you do but look 10x better than you do.

I once saw a post online about a lady complaining of menstrual cramps which she has to bear every time her period comes knocking. She has accepted the fact that they are normal and has chosen to live with them. 

They are normal alright, but that does not mean you cannot reduce the pain and feel better during your periods.

Surprisingly, the solution to that is in your food.

I can eat a small quantity of food every day and look 10x better than you who eats a lot of food every day, I will look healthier than you and even live longer than you. All because I focus on this breakfast style.

Here I am going to talk about the most important food of the day. Your Breakfast.

I am not going to dictate to you, what and what not to take, but I am going to give you a preview into what works and why you should start taking them.

Your BreakFast Style 

Step 1: Don't Skip It

First, I want you to understand that you should not skip your breakfast for anything, even if it is for weight loss or even if it is because you lack enough finance, It is better to eat in the morning and go hungry in the afternoon then the other way around.

Your breakfast provides the necessary nutrients for your body to perform its day to day functions, it revitalizes your body and most importantly your brain, which makes you work twice as good as you could if you skip it.

Remember my definition of food. I said it is any "nutritious substance". Nutrients are the substances we look to gain when we eat food because they offer nourishment. 

Nutrients are proteins (the most important nutrient), carbohydrates (the energy nutrients), fats and oil, minerals and water. These are what work in the body and not the actual eba and soup you are seeing on your table

So imagine if you keep eating rice or eba every morning because it's your favorite, in actual sense you are eating just carbohydrates every morning and also lacking a very important nutrient "proteins". 

The benefits of eating nutrients rather than just food are numerous. It will help you as a student, employee, business owner, researcher because you will be focusing on the nutrients that will not only make you look good but improve your brain capacity and make you execute your duties twice as good. 

Step 3: Take the Right Nutrients 

Now here we come to the breakfast style. No matter what you have on your plate in the morning, it is should contain the right amount of nutrients. 

Imagine you are going to work that morning, what could you need in your body? Something to give you energy right? Something that could make you think faster and make your finish tasks quicker.

As a student, you would be looking be looking for foods that boost your brain capacity, focus and memory to help you excel in your studies.

You can achieve all these by simply taking the right nutrients and that does not necessarily mean more expenses.

Step 4: Stick To It

The right breakfast style means you will take in the right nutrients to help your body function like that of Superman. 

Taking a high protein-carb diet in the morning to boost your mental alertness, energy, and wholesome bodily functions.

Taking the right nutrients is as important as sticking to it. It is like going without sleep for a whole day for the first time, you feel weak, tired and stressed out until you get that amount of sleep back. 

That is how your body works when you stop taking the right nutrients. Although it might not show right away like a night without sleep would, but overtime it begins to show as you get older and by that time it could have caused some or a lot of damages to your internal body system. 

Eating right, exercising, sleeping well and having fun. These are all you need to keep looking good forever and it is so simple and fun to follow them every day

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