This Deadly Thing In Mobile Phones Might Be Killing You

Your mobile phones might give you cancer. 

That headline you see up there (although not fully confirmed) became breaking news in many parts of the world (Here in Nigeria we believe something must kill a man so we could care less about cancer). 

Although the cancer story seems far-fetched, there is something else on your mobile phone that is actually killing you slowly, that is making you more susceptible to diseases, more likely to fall sick and increases your chances of getting cancer (yes), cardiovascular diseases and a whole list of other ailments. 

That something is "radiation" (note that it's in bold, italics and quotation).

A group of 200 biological and health scientists back in 2015 took this upon themselves to enlighten the public about this health concern.

According to Dr. Martin Blank, from the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Columbia University, cell phones are damaging us, he once said: 

putting it bluntly (mobile phones) are damaging the living cells in our bodies and killing many of us premature - We have created something that is harming us, and it is getting out of control. Before Edison created the light bulb the environment had very little electromagnetic radiation. The levels today are very many times higher than natural background levels and are growing rapidly because of all the new devices that emit this radiation.

So, what is this  "Electromagnetic Radiation" and why is it harmful? 

Don't worry this isn't going to sound like maths.

Every cell phone produces a certain amount of radiation, in fact, every electronic gadget from your radios, televisions, microwaves etc produces a certain amount of radiation.

But what we are looking into is ionizing and non-ionizing radiation (already sounding like maths, right?).

Our smartphones produce the non-ionizing radiation but at low frequency which makes it highly unlikely that your phone might be causing you those problems I listed up there. 

Then that depends on how hot your phone gets. An increased amount of radiation energy from your smartphones can actually cause some harm to your body by means of tissue heating, although this doesn't take place very often.

The WHO also could not lay its hands on any concrete evidence from research that the radiation from your cell phone is linked to cancer and they went ahead to categorize cell phone radiation emissions as "possible human carcinogens".

Carcinogens are substances capable of causing cancer in living tissue.                                                                                                            Wikipedia

In Conclusion

Yes, your cell phone is killing you slowly and so is many other electronics in your home and not through electromagnetic radiation (which is the deadly thing) alone, but also through many other detrimental effects and ailments in your body, such as dizziness, neurosis, insomnia, headaches, an increase in stress, lower bone density, possible changes in brain activity, and even infertility in some men. 

I recommend you spend less time with your phones for your own good, just as you would take a U-turn from a bomb scene. 

I remain your favorite health blogger Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor.

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