Check Out How This Guy Killed 8,000 Mosquitoes

I remember an advert on TV, where a servant had to give his king a dirty slap all in the name of killing a mosquito. Unfortunately, the mosquito got away judiciously and the servant was left mouth wide knowing that he was going to smell 1,000 lashes of the whip or worse.

Well, mosquitoes have made me do worse, and I am sure you are fed up with them just as I am. It seems they love to sing although the song is always the same every night and the lyrics are never reasonable. 

So you favorite health blogger, decided to find some remedies. Did you know that mosquitoes are becoming immune to some insecticides, I mean Read A Dream (RAD) just stopped working on them and so does coils. 

I stumbled upon this guy and his amazing solution. 


This guy decided to come up with a way to end their nuisance and surprisingly, it did not require any chemicals or insecticide. 


This method was originally meant to reduce the spread of the Zika Virus, but who says we can't use it to stop those bloodsucking vampires from singing in our ears every night.

This method is a DIY (Do It Yourself) which means anyone can do it, literally. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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