Here Is How Many Women That Dream of Sleeping With Donald Trump

There are definitely many things we could want to do with our favorite celebs if given the opportunity. Although most Nigerians see their celebs as personal ATMs (can't blame them, but the economy), I would certainly prefer to go on a date with Beyonce rather than take $1,000 for sure.  

Some of us will want to do even more, but when it comes to the President of a country, now that could be more than an honor. Well, some ladies wish they would take that honor further into the other room if given the opportunity. 

Sleep Cupid, a website that helps you find your ideal mattress, made a poll on more than 6,000 men and women around the world to see which celebrities they'd most want to sleep with—ostensibly on a mattress chosen with care by Sleep Cupid. 

Most Americans were already picking out Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Ariana Grande, Beyonce (my role model), Sofia Vergara etc. 

While most women were already picking out the hottest celebs. Some women decided to take it a little bit further. 

13.4 percent of women (that a lot of women by the way) said if given the opportunity, they wouldn't mind getting under the sheets with Donald Trump.

That could certainly be an achievement to those ladies, but back here in Nigeria is not something you could want to say. Even naming a dog after the president can get you in jail. 

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