4 Exercises That Can Help You Maintain Your Weight

Many people find it hard to maintain their weight after going through one weight loss program or the other. It is worse for those people who search for tips on how to lose weight overnight or for those who rely on slim teas instead of exercise and food moderation. 

They soon find themselves slipping back into their old habits and within months they have gained a lot of weight. I have met many of them who choose slim teas over my Weight Loss tips and today they are back to square one. Worse of all, it becomes extremely hard to lose such weight once more because old habits die hard. 

I am not an advocate for slim teas, dieting or any other weight loss program that does not depend on exercise and food moderation and that is why I get to keep my fit and healthy figure all my life. 

For you to maintain your desired weight, you need to keep taking that regular amount of calories (food moderation) and keep your daily physical activities constant (exercise). An increase in calories or physical activity makes you lose more weight and a decrease in calories and physical activity makes you gain weight (although there is more involved, this is the major part).

Here I am going to talk about 4 exercises that can help you maintain your weight without stress, these exercises wouldn't require much time or energy but burn a lot of calories. You can also find these exercises in my Weight Loss Ebook which I will be publishing soon. 

Here are 4 Exercises That Can Help You Maintain Your Weight

1. Dancing 

Dancing is a great form of exercise which is not only fun but can be a good calorie burner, improve flexibility and help you maintain weight loss. 

For most people, dancing is the best form of exercise since it's most enjoyable and can be done almost anywhere (even in the office). 

Dancing movements such as jumping, swaying, twirling help burn calories which makes it almost as good as jogging. 

You can simply book a 30-minute dance class or wait, book what? You can simply dance to the music in your home. You can check out the Best Dancehall Playlist of 2017 and get your grooves on.

2. Jogging

Another easy way to stay fit is to increase your jogging speed up a notch. If you increase your pace for the three miles to a 10-minute mile, or 6 mph, at 125 pounds, you burn exactly 300 calories, while a 185-pound person burns 444calories.

3. Walking

Can't keep jogging every morning. Simply walk. 

Trekking to work or back from work or just taking a 30-minute walk after dinner helps to maintain your weight. Although running or jogging tends to burn more fat for fuel than walking but it's can still be a great way to keep your fit and healthy.

4. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is a great aerobic exercise which targets fat all over your body including belly fat. This exercise includes all-around body movement which could help burn a lot of calories. 

These are simple exercises which could not require much effort but burn a lot of calories and help you maintain your weight loss. If you ever go on a journey to Weight Loss you should understand that you must make exercising a complete part of your lifestyle from now on.

So there you have it

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor.

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