4 Ways To Manage Yourself To Become More Productive

Many people have found themselves taking wrong turns through wrong decisions or procrastination, others are trying as hard as they can to manage the life they have before them, by budgeting and try to manage their time. 

I believe the best way to be productive is not to try to manage the things around you but instead to improve on yourself by managing yourself. If you are able to discipline yourself, then nothing can stand in your way. 

A lot of people would say manage your time, but I come out realizing that it is actually managing yourself. You will only build guilt in your heart when you try so hard to manage "time". In the end, you get only that few things were done and you end up blaming yourself. Don't do it.

Instead, learn to manage yourself.

1. Manage your emotions

Listen to your senses and your brain. Wearied for desk work? No problem. I will shift my energy to field work. Tell your boss and colleagues about it. They will understand. Feeling angry or depressed? Take a walk and understand why you feel the way you felt. It's very important since these reflections will guide your actions in the future.

Learning to manage your emotions is very important and it's something you should do before your 30s. Your emotions are meant to compliment your life and not determine your actions. Don't let the way you feel be the main reason for your actions because your feelings can change at any moment. Don't let anger make decisions for you either or overwhelm you at any moment. 

2. Manage your health. Listen to your body. It needs physical workout? Don't wait out till illnesses and challenging situations start playing on your number on your health before you start taking it seriously.

Here on my blog RealFitBody, I simply put together daily fitness and lifestyle tips to keep you up and going for healthy and better life. 

3. Manage your brain

Feeling a bit slow while working on a new thing? Spend some time cramming the needed knowledge. Play chess with others to improve your strategizing skills and willingness to take a risk. Attend seminars in other fields to open your eyes.

4. Manage your ego

Some people let their pride keep them away from certain opportunities, you shouldn't be that person. 

Basically, ego can be used in a productive way. For example, you know you are a proud person and yet you feel lazy to work on the new book you wanna write, go tell others you will get it done before the end of summer. Even you do not finish in the end, at least you make a fruitful start! 

When you become disciplined it would be harder for you to waste time or procrastinate, but when you try too hard to manage what you have without improving on yourself first, then you would remain stagnant, in other words, degrade.

So there you have it. Ghee Leng Ooi also contributed to this article.

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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