5 Habits That Will Make You Poor For Life

Living a great life is everyone's dream. Everyone wishes to be successful or at least have a taste of it. 

Having to wake up, to a beautiful house, being your own boss, and being able to control whatever happens to your finances is a dream I have been woken up from so many times.

Every day in lour daily living, we make decisions that will either spiral our lives off course or keep it moving smoothly. 

I remember making a lot of wrong decisions that cost me a lot of money. I remember wondering what was wrong with me. Blaming every spiritual power possible. I was supposed to be making more progress, but my decisions were always leading me to dead ends and set backs. 

I finally looked real deep into my lifestyle, nodded my head and confirmed: "Health is truly Wealth".

There were some habits that I was exhibiting that were actually affecting my decisions and making me lose a lot. 

Also, these habits were making me settle for less, below my standards and pray to God for hope to get there one day. 

Many of us must have been through such situations, whereby you have to lower your standards, just because things are either crashing or slowing down.

Here I will share the 5 habits that if not changed will either make you poor for life or make you lower your standards just to make ends meet.

1. Overstimulating your brain

Overstimulating your brain a.k.a multitasking is a negative habit that could cost you a lot. In my "How to Fall Asleep In One Minute" ebook, I talked about the effects of this on your sleep, but it can do much more.

Overstimulation happens when you are reading a book and taking constants peeps at the Tv, or when you are cleaning and then you drop it for another activity or another. You are doing your homework and checking your social media messages. Or like when I was writing this article and watching CNN.

In the end, it takes you longer to finish one activity. So what I am saying here is that when you are thinking about or doing too many things at once, it makes it harder for your brain to concentrate on the most important thing and really think or work it through.

Students can agree to this that when you are reading in a noisy place, it is not easy to capture any useful information. 

I recommend that you please drop this habit. No matter how important both things are, always do one first. You might think that by doing both of them you are actually buying time. But I tell you that you will miss a lot of information and create a lot of loopholes which will come back to hunt you long term.

2. Lack of Adequate Sleep

Sleep is very important. Lack of adequate sleep is the reason why most hustlers are still hustling up till today. They will claim that "how can they be sleeping while their mates are making money?". 

When you have an ambition and you have knowledge about how to get there, then you need to make a plan. Sleep right influences your ability to make the right decisions and plans because your brain will be 100% ready to make sure you come out with the best results.

But when you play with your sleep e.g Sleeping from 2am till 10am or from 12am till 4am, then you should be ready to really struggle and strive, because your brain is seriously working hard and not getting enough rest.

Imagine if you had to work from Monday to Sunday, 8am - 11pm, every day. The reason why such kind of jobs doesn't exist is that it is not possible to be productive with such. In the same way, if you can't get the best quality of sleep and I don't mean just any kind of sleep, then you can't make the best decisions.

Lack of adequate sleep makes hustling more difficult (i.e for people that hustle smartly)

3. Working With Emotions Instead of Working With Knowledge 

Every human being has emotions which sometimes influence our actions. But for some people, it is a way of life. They think with the way they feel instead of what they have learned and understood.

Sometimes listening to your emotions can be great but if you add knowledge to it, then you have a bigger, better package. 

Your emotions should not determine your decisions because of emotions changes constantly. I remember walking through a passage 3 times just because I felt I was I was missing something. Sometimes I was right, but most times I was just wrong and this back and forth decision making affected me a lot. It makes it easier for you to doubt yourself when you just feel you are not moving far or fast enough.

With knowledge, you will be able to make better decisions and know what you are missing this way. You will create a list of everything you could need to move with and when the day comes you will just be ticking the items you have secured on the list. 

It is that simple and easy.

4. Hard work equal to Success

If you can understand the illustration in the image above then you can just skip this to number 5. If not then read on.

It is a normal norm that if you work hard you will definitely succeed. A quote goes thus

I found out that the harder I work, the more lucky I get

But you and I know that so many hardworking people today are barely living above the poverty line. Because something those successful entrepreneurs fail to reveal to you is that smart planning plus hard work equal to success. 

No matter how much quality time or how much physical energy or how much brainstorming you put into your project, if there is no smart plan behind it then you are no different from a truck pusher who really works harder than a member of the House of the Senate (but who gets paid more?).

Plan smart. Don't jump in to put your energy and focus into it until the plan is good enough. You might be struggling with a certain business and then someone decides to do the same business and his own will have so much progress. That guy must have looked at you and seen your loopholes, made plans on how he would make it. Added his own ideas and today he is one step ahead. 

5. Sticking to the plan throughout.

I think I should call this an ideology rather than a habit, but some people are very fond of sticking to a plan they made months or years ago. 

In reality, people grow and change is inevitable, you are not the same person who made those plans months or years ago, you have grown in knowledge, you have made mistakes and learned, you have struggled and you have tasted either success or/and setbacks. 

Every time I gain more knowledge, I always reshape my plans, this makes it easier for me to see brighter and more achievable goals. 

There is nothing wrong with the initial plan, but you can agree with me that when you were young you said you wanted to become a pilot, that was the dream and the plan.. Today what are you?

Try applying this to every part of your life and you will see a change, just like I have seen in mine. Remember my hashtag #speakingfromexperience.

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor.

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