5 Ways To Control The Amount Of Food You Eat Without Starving

I completely go against starving yourself to look good, although many celebrities claim to do it, but one thing you and I know is that many hot looking celebrities have money to spend on hospital bills when their body starts reacting to the lack of sufficient nutrients (which might due to starvation). 

To look good you need to think about the way healthy good looking people do and not just grab any advice you see on the internet, you need something that works and most importantly something that can work for you. 

These tips are not to trick your body into believing that it is full. It's more of discipline.

5 Ways To Control The Amount Of Food You Eat Without Starving 

1. Decide How Much You Want to Eat 

Decide how much food you will be willing to consume and your body will readily accept it. Although it would not be easy at first, you will be able to scale through if you remain true to yourself. 

This will also help you maintain your weight long term as you are in control how much calories you consume and how you make use of them.

Making this decision simply means staying off the excess calories you normally consume all in the name of them being irresistible (a.k.a longthroat). After your dinner, don't go for any other meal just because you feel that your body needs more. Make that decision and stick to it.

2. Drink Water Before and During Eating 

Make sure you drink water before eating as this makes you get full quickly and helps control your food intake. Also, drink water in between meals to help you eat less. 

When I say drink water, I don't mean you just take a sip like Celebrities do when drinking wine on Africa Magic. Take enough. 

Drinking water before and during meals is one of the best ways to control your food intake. Maybe its because it requires less discipline.

3. Smaller Plates, Smaller Meals 

Use smaller plates, and eat smaller meals, these aids in quick digestion and allows you to make use of the calories that comes out of these foods. 

Also eating smaller meals helps you moderate the amount of food you eat, although losing fat is not about reducing the amount of food you eat but reducing the number of calories you consume. A small meal should contain more proteins and fiber and less carbohydrate or simply just half your normal meal.

4. Chew Slowly and Longer 

I believe the reason why most people eat a lot more food is that of 3 main reasons.

1. They allow themselves to go extremely hungry before they eat 
2. They eat very fast.
3. They don’t want to control themselves

Take longer time to chew your meals and chew them slowly enough. Enjoy the taste of the food. If you think this is weird, then you are not thinking the way healthy good looking people do.

5. Drink More Water

Water is required to make your brain and organs work more efficiently and that is why sometimes we feel confused, easily fatigued and thirsty. 

Also, increased water intake reduces food cravings which normally makes us eat more.

The recommended intake of water is at least 2 litres of water (6 - 10 glasses). But I recommend that whatever you take should depend on your weight, age and lifestyle as those who have more weight and have high activity levels should take more water. 

I normally go for as many as I can, but you can put that between 8 – 10 glasses of water a day.

6. Proteins

Filling your plate with proteins help you fill up quickly and also stay full. A small breakfast of bread, tea, and eggs is good enough to keep you running for the day before your next big meal. 

So there you have it

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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