6 Things You Must Learn Before You Clock 30

Most people are searching for how to grow in every aspect of their life, how to discover themselves, how to achieve their dreams, goals and for some, how to make their fantasies and wishes come true. I have been there, trying to work things out and struggle with several failures and underachievements. But I came to learn that the key to being successful is not about being the smartest or working harder, it is about building yourself first.  

If you want to become successful or live a happy life, there are many things you would need to learn and there is no better time to learn such expect while you are young.

Here are 6 things I've learned to help me grow both personally and professionally (at an extremely rampant pace.

1. You Will Never Know Who You're Going To Be So Stop Trying To Figure It Out

I'm starting with this lesson because, as a 20-something, this is the most important and most difficult one to learn: You cannot tell the future.  You cannot tell where you'll be 5 years from now.  You cannot tell where you'll be a year from now.  You cannot tell where you'll be a week from now, a day from now, let alone an hour from now.  So stop trying to figure it out.

In your 20s, you're so wrapped up in trying to figure out who you're going to be that you constantly live in the future and miss the present moment.  But the irony is that it's here in the present moment that you ultimately learn what it is you need to learn in order to become whatever it is you're trying to imagine yourself becoming ten, twenty, thirty years from now.

Dream, visualize but stop trying to figure it out.  The only thing you have to do is whatever you're doing right now, better than you did it the last time.

2. Learn To Place A Value Your Time

I found out that those hours I spent procrastinating and running back and forth on many decisions I could have I used to achieve something incredible. I also found out that those hours I spend sleeping for nothing, or watching TV shows, or on social media, I could use those times to learn a skill, write a book or even work on this blog. 

I learned how to put a numerical value on the time I spend. I would ask myself, If someone told me that those 3 hours I spend watching TV, that I could have used them to do something that could get me over a $100 dollars, could I spend them just watching TV?.

Learn the value of Opportunity Cost by placing a numerical value on your Time.  This alone will drastically change the way you approach your life.

3. Be An Entrepreneur

I know the definition of this word has changed a lot so let me explain what I mean:

Try your own ideas outside of your job because THAT'S how you're going to learn.

When people ask how I learn so fast, it's not because I'm super smart or I have an outrageous IQ, it's because I approach learning by doing things myself.  Now, when I speak to clients or I give other people marketing strategies, I'm not just regurgitating industry bullshit or something I've read in an article.  I'm sharing my own experiences and things I've seen worked or failed myself. 

Try your own ideas outside of the office, and it will make you far more valuable than anyone who thinks their expertise is developed solely between the hours of 9 and 5.

4. Find A Mentor

I mention this in just about every article I write because I believe it is the single most valuable resource an aspiring 20-something can have access to.  Mentors allow you to see the world through their eyes, and to grow at an extremely fast pace.

A great story I have for this is even with my current mentor, who is constantly surrounded by people who teach him as well—aka "double mentors" for someone like me.  He'll have phone convos with these other extremely knowledgeable people and record them for future reference, and he'll ask me to listen and write up notes.  On the surface, it's an extremely tedious and mind-numbing task, but it's also a holy grail of an opportunity.  I'm getting to sit in and listen to unfiltered conversations between some of the industry's most creative minds.

I promise you, however much you think you learn from a book, you learn five times that just by sitting in the same room (or listening in on a call) between two masters of their craft.

Find yourself a mentor and don't expect them to hand-hold you or teach you directly.  Just pay close attention.

5. Learn To Spend More Time Investing And Less Time Spending

Your 20s are all about Time.  It's all you have.  So how you invest it and where you choose to spend it is extremely important.

But keep in mind you're also in a prime time of your life where you are very nimble, you're healthy, and you're in a perfect position to LEARN.

The 20-somethings that take their Time and their Money to spend, spend, spend, are the ones that cap out early, settle into their skills, and eventually stop growing altogether (sad but true).  They're the ones that come to a point where they ask the crisis question of "How did I get here and what am I doing with my life?"

Do not underestimate all the tiny choices.  All the times you decide to go to the bar instead of learning something new; watching TV instead of reading; drinking with your friends instead of going to the gym, etc.

Everyone is entitled to live their lives however they want, and none of the above are "wrong" by any means.  But the truth is: The people who grow the most, who succeed on their own terms, who ultimately turn their dreams into reality and build a life they are truly proud of are the ones who, in EVERY SINGLE MOMENT, ask themselves if what they are doing is conducive to their personal growth.

6.  Learn To Relax

Playing off #5 here, do not forget to relax and have some fun.  This is a constant struggle for me because my idea of "fun" is learning something new or being creative or diving into a new project—but it's important to chill and remember Rome wasn't built in a day.  

Take it one day at a time and remember that JUST entered the real world.  In all honesty, all of us 20-somethings are still kids.

At this stage never play with your sleep and health.

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So there you have it. 

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