Here Is How To Improve Your Self Esteem and Confidence

Self - Esteem is confidence, confidence is how great you feel about yourself, how great you think about yourself, and not how great you think people say you are or feel you are.

Low self-esteem is a situation where you compare yourself with society or people, asking questions such as am I up to his/her standards? Will he/she accept me? Will they like me if they see me? or asking am I good enough? or saying I am not up to her level look at her fashion/accessories class. I am not up to his level look at his car/women/houses/clothes.

Low self-esteem is a situation in which you care about what people think, feel, say and use what people think, feel and say about you to live your life, you use it to measure yourself and describe who you are, to measure how valuable you are. Remember for you to be valuable to others you have to first be valuable to yourself and believe that you are valuable to yourself.

Gaining confidence starts by creating your own rules, values, standards for yourself and being in control of your thoughts and what others think about you. 

Most people with low self-esteem don't have a direction they choose for themselves in life, they don't have plans for their future, they don't even know where they are going. They are just living life and by God's grace they say.... They live life according to what they see and not according to who they are and that is why society easily influences them and makes them lose vision of who they truly are and they start comparing themselves with others in the society. 

Self-esteem is confidence, confidence is how great you fell about yourself. How valuable you say you are in respect to yourself and not to others, it's not saying that I am more valuable and better than people living on the streets. No! you can only feel great and valuable within you when you know who you are, your ambitions, plans, potentials, and knowledge.

Saying you wish to go to school, get a job, get married and have a family, those are not plans or ambitions. That is the way society made it and that is why you are easily influenced and compare yourself with others because you are living according to society and not according to who you are. 

Saying that you wish to go to school, get a job, maybe own a business, get married and have a family, those are not ambitions or plans. That is another version of what the society creates for people to live by. If I love art and fashion and I live by it and I decide that when I go to art school, and graduate and join an art organization, then make myself known in the art world then create a platform for young Nigerian artists to gain exposure, build art galleries and then maybe get married and have a family. Now those are ambitions and the next thing is to plan for them.

With this, you are living according to who you are with your ambitions and plans leading you through life. This way you wouldn't even think about comparing yourself to others but you be more interested in where you are headed because you know who you are, and you know why you are on this planet earth. 

Low self-esteem is when you wear a certain dress, which you think is okay, but wait till your friends confirm it before you go anywhere because you are afraid of looking bad and they are your judge. Without them, you can't go anywhere.

The right self-esteem is when you tell your friends to dress you that you want to trust them that day. You are not relying on them, but just giving them an opportunity to prove themselves with all those advises they have been making noise with ever since. No matter what they dress you with, it's when you say it is great that's when it's great. 

I will stop here. I hope you remembered to take down key points. One thing is that if you think you are not strong enough to take control of your life right now. It's same thing as saying you  are not strong enough to urinate.  

With knowledge of who you are. Take control of your life. plan it step by step, ambitions, goals, and also planning with knowledge and understanding which could lead to a well-defined life. You wouldn't have space for low self-esteem.

No one is perfect and no one should be, so your flaws should never make you lesser than anyone, because you come with  a potential no one else can fathom.

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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