Here Is Why Fat Men Last Longer In Bed Than Slim Men

In the era of abs, six pacs and body image controversies everyone would label being fat as unhealthy both physically and mentally. Most people including your favorite health blogger would discourage you from adding excess weight, but a recent study claims that there is something to gain from being obese after all. 

When it comes to the bedroom (the other room) obese men seem to have an advantage over us with the six pacs and slim waist. 

The research conducted by Turkey's Erciyes University, claims that men with a higher BMI have more stamina which enables them to go longer without ejaculating.  

The reason behind this is because overweight men have a higher presence of estradiol, a female sex hormone, which actually delays the male orgasm.

'This result is similar to those provided by delay creams or enhancers, which help suspend ejaculation by requiring more stimulus to climax.

Specifically, it adds a little longer onto a man's average for penetrative sex - with the duration being six minutes for most, obese men get to last for almost 2 minutes longer.

Is it worth it?

There are much better and healthier ways to last longer in bed without having to worry about diabetes, heart disease and a heightened risk of stroke which are the dangers of carrying excess weight. 

Obese men might have a 1 minute 30 seconds advantage, but it's better to be healthy. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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