Here Is Why Sweat Smells Really Bad


Why does sweat smell, I mean, it should be just like water (odorless, colorless and tasteless), so why do I smell like dustbin just minutes after sweating?

If you have ever wondered why sweat smells really bad, you are not alone, even I wondered what really made sweat smell so bad. I mean even ladies (the clean freaks, no offense), do smell bad after sweating. 

So why does it smell?

Well, your favorite health blogger did some digging and I discovered some information that could really help, especially for those who are trying to get rid of body odor and are tired of poor-working deodorants. 

Sweat itself does not smell


You are like gini? what? Is my nose deceiving me?

It doesn't, it doesn't smell... Take a deep breath and read on


The familiar smell of body odor comes from normal skin bacteria breaking down the sweat secretions released from the sweat glands.

I practically research this information, so don't worry you can actually put your life on it.


Body odor mainly originates from the apocrine glands in the armpits, which release a thick, oily sweat rich in proteins and lipids which bacteria on the skin feed on.

So in real sense it is those bacteria that live on the skin that causes body odor, meaning

more sweat more body odor

more bacteria more body odor

Now that is why you are advised to bathe at least twice a day to reduce the number of bacteria on the skin,

Most things are all about bacteria and humans are full of them.


Body odor occurs during exercise and when we feel strong emotions because these are the triggers (exercise and strong emotions) for the apocrine gland to secrete sweat. 

The warm, damp conditions of the armpit are also a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive in and create smelly odors.

So there you have it.

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