Ladies!!! Instead of Bleaching Just Do This

Don't bleach it, exfoliate it- Supermodel, Oluchi Orlandi tells women

Sharing these photos of herself having a body wash with pure salt and oil, Supermodel, Oluchi Orlandi, advised women to exfoliate their skin instead of resorting to bleaching. See more of her comments below.

It is a norm that most African women resort to bleaching in their quest for a smoother and more attractive complexion and just like every shortcut, bleaching comes with its own problems and fewer benefits. 

Exfoliation removes old dead skin cells from the outermost skin surface to reveal fresh skin cells which make the skin to appear more beautiful and attractive.

How safe is it?

Exfoliation is pretty safe and can benefit all skin types, even if you are acne-prone or have an extremely sensitive skin.

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