Men Should Marry This Kind of Woman If They Want to Live Longer

Long story short. 

The smarter your wife is, the longer you live. 

Experts have concluded that marrying a smart woman helps fight Alzheimer's disease because it keeps your brain active. Men who marry such wives live longer, happier lives and are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Intelligent women keep their partners intellectually stimulated, which helps prevent symptoms of the condition such as memory loss. 

Professor Lawrence Whalley of the University of Aberdeen spoke on the issue at a conference on dementia. 

"The thing a boy is never told he needs to do if he wants to live a longer life – but what he should do – is marrying an intelligent woman," she said.

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Wives who inspire their husbands to think – and challenge them with good conversation – help serve as a “buffer” against dementia by keeping their brains active, the mental health professor said, according to TV3.“There is no better buffer than intelligence,” Whalley said.

Researchers studied the health of identical twins and found that a man's environment, including the woman they marry, plays a role in whether they develop dementia, Whalley said.

Guys who showed physical signs of dementia after a brain scan but didn’t suffer from symptoms were usually "highly intelligent," he said, citing studies.

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Brain-boosting activities such as crossword puzzles, reading, and visiting museums can help to reduce a person's risk of developing the condition, according to past studies and that is what most intelligent ladies look after.

Dementia affects nearly 35 million people worldwide, with 7.7 million new cases each year.

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