3 Early Morning Exercises for Extremely Busy People

What of those that don't have time to exercise 3 times a week?

This was a question a reader threw at me, which gave birth to this post. Working out for an hour, 3 times per week might seem unrealistic to those with a really tight schedule, it might not even be possible to those who wake up at 4am every morning to put things in order and to also escape the early morning traffic. 

So, how can you keep up? 

Exercise is simply any movement that raises your heart rate and works your body/muscles are greater intensity, so even just walking to work is a form of exercise to get you in good shape.

If you are too busy to exercise you can try out these 3 exercises which wouldn't take much of your time and also give tons of benefits. 

1. High-Intensity Runs

High-Intensity runs are quite different from regular runs in the sense that they save you more time and provide results faster. If you are trying to lose weight, improve your stamina, relieve stress and eliminate depression, high-intensity runs can get you there faster.

How to do it?

A regular run takes 30 minutes or more, but you wouldn't  be spending that much time when it comes to high-intensity runs. 

High-Intensity runs consists of work and rest period repeatedly. You run as fast as you can for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds (that's one session). You repeat the session 5 times and you are good to go.

You can choose to go for 10 repetitions or more depending on what your body can take, but one thing is sure. This form of exercise save you much time and gives even more benefits. 

Note: You don't just jump off your bed and start high-intensity runs. You need to start your day with the exercise at no.2 to prevent injuries and warm your body up for exercises.

2. Stretching 

Waking up with a yawn and the next thing I do is stretch left and right and hear my bones crack. Stretching is an exercise that comes to us naturally and they are very important.

Stretching exercises shouldn't take much of your time and best of all, they can be done anywhere and anytime, even if you are having a meeting with the president. 

Make sure you do some stretching exercises before workouts (10 - 20 minutes) and also after workouts.

3. Trekking 

I personally know of a man who owns several cars and still treks to work or an appointment. His reason is simple, trekking is his best form of exercise. 

Trekking might not be a pleasant exercise to many, but if you have a tight schedule and you don't want to be a couch potato, it is something you should try out. 

Exercises are meant to be fun and relieving and not a form of punishment, take your earphones with you whenever you want to workout, good music would help put your body in the mood.

So there you have it. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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