4 Important Relationship Rules You Must Follow

No relationship comes with an instruction manual (although your parents should be your natural instruction manual) and that is why most people are having it wrong. Being in a relationship is more than just about love (emotions) because emotions will definitely change under harsh conditions. Loving something who you don't know anything about or is not related to you in any way is a very big step that should be taken seriously.

So sit back and let your favorite health blogger dish some rules you should think about when in a relationship.

Now, One rule you matured men and women, and teenage boys and girls break in relationships is that no matter the quarrel, the fight, the war, you should never ever suggest a breakup (that is when you still see a future with him/her and not when you are being pounded to death)...

Here are 3 important rules of relationships you must follow

1. Understanding Boundaries

Face it no matter how you much love her and she loves you, both of you will always have boundaries. How many of you have ever shaved your girlfriend's pubic hair? None huh! you see that's the example of a boundary. There are might be more depending on the partners. 

The job of both parties is to understand each other's boundaries and respect it, also give time for both boundaries to be open up. The fewer the boundaries the higher the chance the relationship would survive.

2. Understanding Emotions

Relationships are romantic, sweet and whatever (meaning there is a lot of emotions involved) now for all those men who they don't care about all that female drama. Sorry, you have to and so goes for women. Understanding his/her emotions doesn't mean playing love and romance and buying gifts or surprising her sometimes or even being the best in bed.

It is about studying the person you are dealing with (it takes time but only those who are really in a relationship for commitment could give it a try), their reactions, behavior and trying to improve on their bad sides like a friend and a lover.

Don't believe that stuff that women say about you trying to change who they are. Improving on their bad sides is completely different from that.

3. Understanding Your Position in the Relationship

Knowing your position and understanding it is two different things.

Ladies are meant to be submissive or equal depending on the relationship. Men are meant to be alpha, equal or submissive depending on the relationship, now knowing and understanding your position in a relationship would help lead to a better relationship.

Now Imagine a relationship which the lady is meant to be submissive and when they have a quarrel she hisses and walks out making the man feel lesser. So it is important to know your position in every relationship to prevent simple mistakes.

Note: Not in all relationships the lady is equal to the man.

4. Know A Lot About Your Partner

Information is power and in relationships, it is very important to avoid unexpected situations. When I say you should know a lot about your partner, I don't mean hunting down his exes, I mean going farther than just the stuff you guys talk about on dates and learning more about your partner. 

This knowledge will give you an edge in your relationship helping you understand better who you are dealing with and the best way to deal with such a person.  

So there you have it. Remember to choose wisely, even the best men have flaws.

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