These 3 Exercises Will Make You More Flexible

As we get older, muscle tissues, tendons, and ligaments naturally become less elastic. That is why it becomes even more difficult (and we become less flexible) to move about or perform tasks you could normally do while you were younger.

The loss of elasticity comes fast for those who do not take their health seriously and neglect health routines like exercising and eating right, while those who took their health more seriously get to live through their old age like it they were young.

Flexibility comes with a lot of benefits, just like every exercise does and one of those benefits include helping spice things up in the bedroom (if you know what I mean). Being flexible also helps reduce back pain, prevents possible injury during daily activities like exercise and improves your body posture.

Here are 3 exercises that will make you more flexible

1. Stretching

When it comes to flexibility, stretching is one of the most efficient exercises. I normally go through a stretching session (as part of my warm-up exercise) before the main exercises for the day.

I also recommend stretching for those who are new to exercise, it should be part your warm-up exercise every morning because this exercises not only makes you flexible by making it easier for you to move your body through tougher exercises but it reduces the chances of injury and complications.

There are many stretching exercises to try. The ones that work your waist, your legs, your arms, hamstring,  your hands, your shoulder, quadriceps etc. Start with something simple, like a simple standing stretching exercise, arm circle, rotational lunges, hugging your knee to your chest or 90/90 hamstring before moving to more complex stretching exercises.

I will release an article which fully talks about stretching, the benefits, the exercises and how to go about them soon, so pay a visit every day if you want to find out or simply subscribe.

2. Yoga

Many yoga styles have one thing in common, they are great for improving flexibility. Yoga exercises increase upper and lower body flexibility and also helps with strength, balance and weight loss.

Yoga stretches like the static forward bend and the dynamic a'la Sun Salutation involves flexibility and thereby helps you become more flexible.

3 Dancing

Dancing is one of the most fun ways to improve your flexibility. You will not only improve your dance steps but also become agiler. 

Dancing classes offer an extensive warm-up which boosts flexibility and lengthens your muscles and joints (which is a great thing for those trying to tone their butt).

So there you have it. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor.

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