This Is The Kind of Prn Women Are Secretly Watching

If you still think women don't watch prn (because they are very secretive about it), then you must be from the 20th century, today 40 - 50 percent of women watch prn if you are wondering what category they love watching in their alone time you'd be surprised. 

So I stumbled upon this and decided to share it with every guy out there who is wondering if girls really do watch prn like guys do. I mean most girls behave like saints and could even frown when you say the worth "sx".

Well, this is something on my blog that I hope will open a lot of guys' eyes to the fact that ladies do love watching prn. 

Harvard Ph.D. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz conducted research to determine what our Internet searches say about our s£xuality. The results of his findings, which have been compiled in his new book Everybody Lies, were discussed at length during a recent interview Stephens-Davidowitz, conducted by Vox.


For example, by analyzing data from websites like Prnhub, Stephens-Davidowitz said he was able to determine that a considerable number of women are watching girl-on-girl videos when they visit the site.

"About 20 percent of the prn women watch is lesbi@n prn," he said. "A lot of straight women watch lesbi@n prn."


Stephens-Davidowitz also confirmed that many women like watching rough or violent s£x.

"Prn featuring violence against women is also extremely popular among women. It is far more popular among women than men. I hate saying that because misogynists seem to love this fact. Fantasy life isn't always politically correct," he said. "The rate at which women watch violent prn is roughly the same in every part of the world. It isn’t correlated with how women are treated."


This shouldn't be entirely surprising; after all, as we've pointed out in the past, 62 percent of women like rough s£x. However, as a reminder, talk through this type of experimentation with your partner first, and be sure to establish boundaries and safe words beforehand.

so there you have it.

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor.

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