Top 10 Ways To Control Your Erections

Erections are a sign of sexual arousal and during this age where women tend to expose a lot rather than cover up it is very easy to get a boner while walking down the street. But there is still something like a surprise erection which comes easily for those with high testosterone levels or those guys in puberty. 

Controlling your erections is simply changing concentration for me. Erections are products of sexual arousal, if you can move away to something else, your erection would go away. Like an on and off switch. 

Here are Top 10 Ways To Control Your Erections

I included tips from others with the ones from me which I believe would help. 

1. The National Anthem

We all love and respect our country, and this is one way I use to control my erections. I simply start singing the National Anthem while remembering the state of the economy and down it goes. 

2. Thinking of Something You Hate 

The present recession, okro soup, the walking dead, the smell of urine, ugh!!!. Think of something you hate and that could help you lose your erection fast. 

3. Horror Movies 

Works quite well if you remember the goriest scenes (although this is a very good idea). 

4. Watch News

I simply tune to Channels or CNN and well you know what happens next, like I said before controlling your erection is all about changing what you are thinking at the moment of the erection to something less arousing or favorable.

5. This piece of tip was shared by someone on named Masterwad,

"You don't have to wait it out. A man can get rid of an erection by flexing a large muscle for about 30 seconds or more, like both thighs. If you're sitting, rest your feet on your toes and push off the ground as if you're just about to stand up." ~Masterwad

Now what if you are can't stand up because someone is still in the room..

6. This piece of tip was shared by someone on

When I was a teenager I learned that holding my breath does the trick pretty nicely. Forces me to concentrate on not letting go of my breath and, in my own mind at least, sends the blood to other places in my body that need it more.

7. This piece of tip was shared by someone on

Otherwise pinch yourself, bite your tongue, or scratch yourself fervently; hurt yourself in some minor way that causes your mind to focus on the pain rather than your emotions. i suppose this works the same way as holding your breath.

8. This piece of tip was shared by someone on

Tense the muscles in your quadriceps (the front of your legs). These muscles are only second in size to your gluteas (your ass.) The demand of blood in your legs will....override your need for blood in other place.

9. This hilarious piece was shared on

I do this for morning wood when I wake up and need to pee. Walk into the bathroom and put really cold water on it. It shrinks in seconds. 

10. Add Yours

That's all and I am am sure one of them will work, especially No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8, those are exquisite pieces. 

If you are moving or walking fast when you get the erection, try to slow down. The faster you go the harder it become to control your erection. 

So there you have it.

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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