4 Reasons Why Women Are Expected To Live Longer Than Men

Women have always been regarded as the weaker sex when compared to men. They are regarded as too emotional creatures and also having a knack for throwing tantrums for no real reason. But all that seems to have been swept under the carpet as women now appear to be outshining men in several areas.

Recently, scientists have proven that women are smarter, more intelligent, emotionally stronger (I didn't expect this) and they make better leaders.

But beyond all, WHO statistics have shown that women are expected to live longer than with a difference as high as 10 years.

Here are 4 reasons why women are expected to live longer than men.

1. Strong Heart

Studies have proven that a woman's heart goes on performing just as well, even if she is old, while a man's heart loses 25% of its pumping by the time he reaches the age of 70.

This gives women an edge as they are less prone to cardiovascular diseases (heart diseases) which could have a significant impact on their health.

2. Diseases

Several studies have also proven that women are less prone to cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Dr. Thomas Perls, director of the New England Centenarian Study at Boston University has also confirmed this in his study. 

"Women develop these problems later in the their lives, usually in their 70s and 80s, while men develop these problems in their 50s and 60s", he says.

More studies have also proven that men have higher cancer death rates than women.

3. Women take their health more seriously

It is also believed that men are less likely to visit a doctor within the past year and are also more likely to skip on cholesterol testing and also every regular checkup that is  vital for their continuous well-being.

I can agree to this because I myself and many other men are either holding on to their bank accounts or just believe that the illness will go away since men are expected to be tough.

Now, here is my own reason why women live longer than men.

4. They do less stressful work

Lots of stressful jobs are given to men which tend to take a toll on them. For example, most ladies are expected to work in offices as secretaries, accountants and cashiers, while men are expected to be in other fields like in the construction companies.

The stressful lives coupled with the fact that most men do not take their health seriously this reduces their life expectancy.

I don't think any man should have any excuse why he can't live longer than 100. No matter how stressful your life is, there are lots of ways to spice it up and make yourself feel better and live better.

Take it from me, I have worked from 12am till 4am and gone 2 days without sleep, but I have made up for that and I have become more health conscious. All it takes is seriousness.

So there you have it. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor.

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