6 Things You Must Change In Order To Be Rich And Successful

There is no shortcut to true success. Hardwork, pain, dedication, a lot of sacrifices are needed to make it there. 

Those who seek to be rich and successful, must have a sharp mind and understand the way the games are played or they will remain rich only in their fantasies. 

These tips will not only help you excel in life but also fight depression and low self-esteem.

Here are 6 Things You Need To Change In Order To Be Rich And Successful

1. Your mindset 

Your mindset is something you have set your mind onto. Something you keep your mind on. Something you have accepted within you. 

If you made up your mind your lacks, and keep saying words like there is no way for me and I can't move forward, you will see yourself struggling to move forward and achieve things in your life. 

Your mind is the catalyst for every reaction it can speed your way to progress or inhibit it till the very end. It all boils down to positive or negative thinking which can either make you or end you. 

Begin to think positive things in your mind and whenever a negative thought comes to you, quickly replace it with a positive thought (but that would just be the first step).

2. The words you speak 

Coupled with your mindset the words you speak would either set you on the path to success or failure.  

The words from your mouth are very powerful. It can create, shape and destroy things in your life. When you are always saying to yourself I don't have this, I can't do this, this is beyond me, you limiting the faith and power that is in you. And when your subconscious mind accepts it, you will begin to speak that way, behave that way and also it will manifest that into your life. 

 When you are in a situation the words you speak is what will determine if you will remain in that situation or not. 

So no matter how bad things look, learn to encourage yourself, the situation can only change if you change it and not if you keep blaming yourself and feeling insecure. Keep saying the right words to yourself and never doubt yourself. 

3. Your Consciousness 

Consciousness is something you are aware of, something you know you and is always in your thoughts. What you are conscious of is what manifests in your life. If you are conscious of your lack, want, I don't have, that will bring poverty to you. 

The same thing applies when you are conscious of riches, prosperity and have more, that will bring wealth and keep you having more in your life (although you could require more than that). 

Some people are only conscious of surviving and are searching for easy cuts, that way their mind limits itself to those shortcuts which make them miss a lot of opportunities on the way and end up returning to square one or worse no matter how hard they try.

4. Your mental capacity 

Your mentality has a lot of effect in your life. The mental capacity you have is the amount of what you will manifest in your life. Your mental capacity consists of your intelligence, smartness, brilliance, knowledge, wisdom, and emotions. 

If your mental capacity is weighed at #100,000, that is what will keep manifesting in your life. 

When you try to go higher than that, you will see yourself struggling. So what you need to do is to first build up your mental capacity to the level you want by using your imagination and affirmation. So build up your mental capacity to change your mentality and to change your world. 

Fortunately, the best way to build your mental capacity is through reading, health, and fitness and that is something I provide on my blog.

5. Your focus 

Focus is very important. You must be able to concentrate because it also determines the outcome of the result you will get. If you set a goal and you start walking on that part but tend to stary due to the distractions you see around you, then you would either postpone your success or worse (you would never succeed).

Something I always tell multitaskers, you would do a lot better just focusing on one thing rather than bring two or three.  

6. Your Pre-planning Measures

Nothing kills a dream faster than failing to plan. But some people make mistakes and plan only when it is close to the time to execute such plan. In Nigeria today, the copy and paste business economy is an example of poor planning measures, which citizens rush after any business venture that could like impregnate their bank accounts so fast without proper pre-planning measures. 

In the end, most of their businesses could end like efritin.com, the online store which packed up due to the crippling economy. 

Without careful pre-planning measures you are like a rolling wheel heading for the fire, the path to the fire might be long but in the end, you will end up in the fire.

These are the things that you must change in your life if you want to be successful, great and prosperous. If you check what I have listed above, you will see that they have a lot of effect in our life. So begin from now to change whatever you need to change for you to live a successful life.

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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