Here Is How Many Hours Of Sleep Donald Trump Gets Every Night

During a wide-ranging interview with Fox News's Bill O'Reilly, Donald Trump revealed that he is sleeping four to five hours a night in his new life as the US top dog. 

"I'm working long hours, long hours, right up till 12 o'clock, 1 in the morning." 

What time does he get up? "Five. I eat, I read the papers, I see what's going on on TV."

The US President also claims that this habit has helped him succeed in the business world (He is a billionaire remember).

“How does somebody that’s sleeping 12 and 14 hours a day compete with someone that’s sleeping three or four?” He said. 

But before you start getting any ideas about staying up all night, eyes wide open. It seems that Donald Trump's habit could be related to an amazing gene gift.

According to research, it's a gene thing: short sleepers tend to run in the family. They're also more likely to be optimistic and upbeat than us seven-hour-a-night mortals and find they don't need caffeine or energy boosters to feel energetic.

Ex-US President Bill Clinton was also a short-sleeper, he could get as much as 5-6 hours of sleep per night. 

In 2010, Clinton was speaking about being admitted to the hospital to have a clogged artery opened. He placed part of the blame on his lack of sleep after responding to the recent earthquake in Haiti.

He has made several mentions to sleep deprivation and how it wreaks havoc to your decision-making skills just as your favorite health blogger, Yours truly, always do. 

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