Here is How Smoking Can Kill You Even If You Don't Smoke


Smoking, a global epidemic to the authorities and a lifesaver for those addicted to it. Smoking is actually a relentless killer taking the lives of over 100 million people in the last century, and about 6 million lives a year. But that number would rise to about 8 million a year by 2030 and it would have taken up to a 1 billion lives by the end of the 21st Century.

Now lets put all those statistics aside and really discuss this smoking issue, like I said above it is a problem, it is an epidemic, it is addictive, it is deadly and also one of the best relievers according to smokers.

I came to understand that a lot of people (non smokers) know that smoking is bad, but still they are so passive to it, I mean they don't really hammer on it to their smoker friends, giving up before putting in serious effort, this article talks about the harmful effects of smoking to non smokers (yes you), I believe that if you know how it affects you, then you will try to do more to change your smoker friend(s).

While viewing healthliteracy on smoking. I found information that perfectly pins the point I am trying to pass.

Cigarettes do not just harm the people who smoke. They also harm the people who are near cigarettes and breathe the smoke. This includes fetuses (unborn babies still inside their mothers) and small children. They are breathing second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke is the smoke that comes out of the lit end of a cigarette and that a smoker exhales (breathes out). Second-hand smoke is also called passive smoke, involuntary smoke, and environmental tobacco smoke (ETS).

About 53,000 people die from second-hand smoke every year. When we breathe second-hand smoke, we are breathing the same 4,000 chemicals a cigarette smoker breathes. 51 of those chemicals cause cancer. That is why a U.S. government agency called the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has labeled cigarettes as a Group A carcinogen. A carcinogen is something that causes cancer. The EPA put cigarettes in the same group with arsenic, which is a deadly poison, and asbestos, a cancer-causing material that used to be put around pipes to insulate them.

In 1986 the Surgeon General of the U.S. wrote about the dangers of second-hand smoke. He listed three conclusions:
First: Involuntary smoking is a cause of disease,including lung cancer, in healthy nonsmokers.

Second: The children of parents who smoke compared to children of nonsmoking parents have an increased frequency of respiratory infections, increased respiratory symptoms and slightly smaller rates of increase in lung function as the lung matures.

Third: Simple separation of smokers and non-smokers within the same airspace may reduce, but does not eliminate, exposure of nonsmokers to environmental tobacco smoke.

Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is dirtier than the smoke that is inhaled in a cigarette because it is not filtered. The filter on the end of a cigarette removes some the harmful chemicals. ETS is the largest source of indoor air pollution. Restaurants that allow smoking can have six times the pollution of a busy highway. 

Now that is the danger second-hand smoking poses to you, even if you swear that you have never touched a cigarette in your life and I believe you will be more keen to tell your pal to stop rather than being passive about it.

So how do we go about it

First I am going to talk about what is really so attractive about smoking. I will talk about, why your friends take it, how you can change that, and protect yourself and protect them also.

If you check the net you will see a lot of health websites talking about why you should not smoke, why it is bad, how it cuts your life short (even that warning is right there on the smoke packets, but it still purchased). Telling you the long term and short term effects trying to convince you to desist, but yet the authorities are estimating a rise in the number of smokers in the near future. 


Because smoking is just more than inhaling and exhaling visible air, (which is what it looks like) there is so much happening at that moment which makes smokers not to think of those long term and short term effects until it starts killing them. Nicotine, one of the most addictive drugs in tobacco which I am going to discuss. It acts as a stimulant and also as a depressant, which is one of the reasons people smoke (that is it relieves stress and makes them calmer, but its only temporary).

I spoke with some few people smokers and non smokers, those who are addicted to it and those who take it once in a while, in my interview with one of them he told me that he normally takes it to relieve stress which comes from his place of work, and this is what is affecting so many people today,  they use alcohol and smoking to get calm and sober, and then it comes very addictive, clinging to them like a parasite.

I want to us to understand this view of smoking as these people are not just seeing the short term and long term effects but instead they are seeing it as something that solves their problems and it does so very quickly, it may be the problem of stress, frustration, lack of concentration or whatever it may be. Even in movies we see our favorite actors/actresses smoking during in a stressful scene. I believe by understanding them from this point we can make smoking totally resistible.

Smoking can also be affected by environmental factors / peer group influence and also family background that is if you live in a place where people smoke, there is a probability you will join them, and also if you have a family in which the father or mother or relative smokes, you may be pulled into it.

I believe that if we start educating the public (your friends) on alternatives to relieve stress and frustration, how to concentrate or providing alternative to any other reason why they choose to smoke, we can protect so many people from smoking, we can change their choices, instead of running to a fast working, short time reliever, which is sure to cost you your life or organs in time to come, they can choose a perfectly working, long time reliever which can not only improve your lifestyle, but also cut stress levels permanently.

I hope this gives you more insight on smoking and how it affect you a non smoker and how you can help your friends get out of it, by giving alternatives.

In another article, I am going to talk about the long term and short term effects of smoking for those of you that know that smoking is bad, but in no way know what makes it bad, how it affects the body, all they know is that smokers are liable to die young. 

You can learn more about how to relieve stress and depression here.

So there you have it 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor.

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