Here Is How Your Smartphone Is Gradually Damaging Your Eyes

Turns out that your best friend could be damaging your eyes and high-quality phones like iPhones and Samsung devices are not left out as the LED screens found in most of these devices can harm the retina - the light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye. 

This may lead to eye problems and even partial blindness if you are addicted to your phone and use it for longer periods in the day and at night just like I do. 

The damage starts when the photoreceptors - types of neurone found in the retina that convert light into information - begin to die out due to the prolonged saturation of blue light.

This puts a strain on other parts of the eye, leading to increased levels of inflammation, discomfort, and pain.

Most people especially gamers are at risk of rendering their eyes useless in a not too distant future because they spend more time on their phones with the brightness level beyond 30%. 

Beyond 30% is when you start subjecting your eyes to all that intense light that will definitely damage your eyes in time to come.  

I normally spend a lot of time on my phone and laptop (it is an inseparable part of my life) and I noticed that after spending long periods viewing my phone or laptop screen my eyesight seem somewhat blurry whenever I look up.  

Blurry vision, heavy eyes, and tiredness around the eyes are signs that your eyes need serious maintenance and if you don't start taking care of them soon, they might tap out.

Research has already shown that the intense levels of 'blue light' emitted from modern gadgets can cause a variety of health complaints, ranging from sleeping and eating problems to headaches and even cancer.

So, if you want to still keep your eyes until old age you can apply the following measures

1. Spend lesser time in front of your phone screen. 

This is easier said than done especially for me, but the longer the exposure the faster the rate of damage, so taking your eyes off your phone screen for some time is not only good for your eyes but also improves your sleep, mood and helps you eat better.

2. Reduce your phone screen brightness

30% should be good enough for you, any lower than that and you might have to strain your eye muscles to glimpse at the text on the screen which could also hurt your eyes. 

3. Wear glasses

Wearing shades can help reduce the amount of light in your vision. Also, darker shades could make you strain your eyes which would be counter-productive. 

4. Use screen protector to reduce the amount of light transmitted from your phone.

All these measures should be good enough to keep your eyes in good shape if you stick to them. 

So there you have it. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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