Here Is What Happens To Your Brain When You Sleep Late At Night

"The negative effects of sleep deprivation are so great that people who are drunk outperform those lacking sleep," says LinkedIn Influencer and President of Talent Smart Bradberry.

So drunkards are even better than those who sleep late at night, good to know. 

You might think staying up all night to finish a work assignment or download and watch movies (Midnight browsers) is something that helps saves time and reduces stress but you can't be more wrong. 

Sleeping late at night is wreaking havoc on your brain, and the effects can either be immediate or in time to come. These effects include:

  • Memory lapses (you start forgetting stuff)
  • Irritability (these are mood swings, you get easily annoyed, frustrated, depressed and stressed out)
  • Cognitive impairment (reduces your ability to think) 
  • Impaired decision-making ability (it reduces your ability to make good decisions). 
  • Lack of focus (you find it hard to concentrate or stay focused)

Your brain not only suffers and makes you less of a human being, but your heart does same also. For the ladies it's kind of worse, sleeping late at night increases your risk for the most common cancer, breast cancer (which might make you lose your breasts by the way). 

A new research from the University of Rochester (United States) provided first direct evidence to how your brain cells need sleep to function perfectly (Don't worry it wouldn't be so crazy science, I always stuff easy for you guys). 

According to the study, when you sleep, your brain goes to work, removing toxin proteins from its neurons that are by-products of neural activity when you are awake. 

Now, your brain can only remove them adequately only while you are asleep. So when you don't get enough sleep, the toxic proteins remain in your brain cells wreaking havoc by impairing your ability to think. 

Someone told me that only the rich get to sleep peacefully and he didn't hear that Donald Trump, a billionaire, by the way, gets only 4 - 5 hours of sleep (doesn't sound peaceful at all), Another person said that since a billionaire gets only 4 - 5 hours, then why should he sleep more. He also forgot that Bill Clinton (Ex-US President) who also got fewer hours of sleep suffered from many health problems and he begged the public to get enough sleep.

Even Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban, Sheryl Sandberg, Elon Musk and Richard Branson (all billionaires) say they get at least 6 hours of sleep every night to keep them fit and strong.

So, if your motto is "money does not sleep" take it from billionaires, they take their sleep so seriously so what about you?

Don't give up your sleep continuously for any reason, because in the long run, the negative effects will outweigh the benefits. An 11:00pm to a 5:00am sleep schedule is good enough to get you 6 hours of sleep and keep you fit and strong. 

So there you have it. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor.

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