Here Is What Will Happen If You Stop Bathing/Showering

So what happens if you stop bathing for like a week or a month. Will you smell really bad? Will your skin dry out and crack or will the bacteria in your skin cause you terrible diseases. Now there are many possible things I could say that will happen when you stop bathing/showering, but there is nothing better than sharing someone's experiment on that. 

Arman P, a guy from Indonesia shared his story on what happened when he decided to stop bathing/showering for 4 months. 

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Here's his story:

I’ve done this as a dare from one of my friends. He bet me 2.5 million Rupiah (equivalent to about USD$200) to not shower for four months (This happened in Indonesia, where humidity was above 90% 95% of the time which made it 3x worse). And obviously, being the idiot I always was (and always will be) I accepted. I’ll list what happens in the order that they happened.
4–5 days: Dandruff appears (it never stops)
2 weeks: Hair becomes extremely grease (Kinda like Snape’s hair)
1 month: Nothing will hide your odor anymore.
1 1/2 months: You start losing your friends (I didn’t have any to begin with except for that one guy, who I’m still best friends with)
2 months: People start asking you if you take showers every day, and you start changing your shirt 3–4 times a day to try and lessen the smell.
2 1/2 months: this happens, but 3x worse

3 months: Everyone avoids you, even the teachers.
3 3/4 months: My friend was starting to get worried that he would have to pay up.
4 Months: After I got paid, on that day, I took a shower for an entire 1 1/2 hours.
Ah, the good ol’ times

So there you have it. 

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