Here Is Why You May Not Live Longer Than 53 Years

WHO has released it's life expectancy statistics and the results may come as a shock to many Nigerians. The life expectancy of a Nigerian compared to citizens of other countries is one of the lowest in Africa.

So, yes WHO is predicting that you might not live longer than 53 years if you are a Nigerian. Don't look at your grandma because she came from a time where they were less air pollution, no sickening diseases without cure, no refined food but naturals because they got most of their food from the farm which is their exercise for the day. 

War-torn countries like Somalia and economically unstable countries like South Africa have their life expectancy placed at 55.69 years and 57.44 years respectively, while the African giant has its life expectancy at 53.05 years.

According to more statistics from the WHO, the probability of dying between 15 and 60 years is very high, with 368 possible deaths per 1,000 population.

Now you might be wondering how all these are possible when most Nigerians believe that "disease cannot kill African man". Well other than the obvious fact that Nigerians would never wake up early in the morning to exercise, or keep their environment clean except it's on environmental sanitation, WHO lists these various reasons why you are not likely to live above 53 years. 

Poor nutrition, infant mortality rates, and poor health lifestyles were among the reasons why Nigerians have such a low life expectancy. 

How You Can Live Longer 

The life expectancy for Americans is at 78.74 years, while that of Japan and China is put at 83.84 years and 75.99 years respectively. Although these countries boast of quality healthcare, the citizens also take their health very seriously. 

Exercising and eating right is placed high above all things in these countries which contribute to their long lifespan. They also take care of their surrounding, unlike most Nigerians. 

To Live Longer 

1. Exercise More 

15 minutes of exercise is better than not exercising at all. I advise you go for 30 minutes a day for more benefits of good health. Exercises like stretches, jogging (running), jumping jacks, squats, skipping etc could be great to start your day. 

If you are too busy, you can try out these exercises for busy people, while those claiming lazy (I was once like that. lol) can try out these exercises for lazy people

2. Eat Right 

Eating right is very important and it is not just about eating natural foods, it is about taking your sugar intake, salt intake, and other necessary information into count. 

3. Live a healthy lifestyle 

Try to live a healthy lifestyle, I have seen pictures of people who live in a slum and all it could take to live a better life is a decision to clean up after themselves. Putting a healthy lifestyle first will not only make you live longer but make life much easier. 

So there you have it. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor.

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