Here Is Why Your Breath Smells So Bad When You Wake Up

Waking up in the morning with a full yawn in the face of my partner once left me with a slap, luckily she didn't go all commando on me, lol. 

I have since learned not to breathe too close to anyone before brushing my teeth in the morning. 

So what is the big deal with that bad morning breath? 

Most people would think that it's because you've gone eight hours (or six hours for those who sleep less) without brushing or because your mouth has been shut for that time period, so your breath is no longer fresh. 

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Well, there is more to that sour, stale dragon breath than just the lack of some dental care. 

According to Mazen Natour, D.M.D., a Manhattan-based prosthodontist, it is not entirely your fault that your breath reeks in the morning and it is certainly not because you haven't brushed up. A lot of it comes down to lack of saliva production while you're sleeping. 

According to Mr. Natour, saliva normally clears out odor-causing bacteria, so overnight, when you're not producing enough saliva, the bacteria in your mouth (yes, you have them) can multiply. 

So, the reason why your breath smells is that there are a lot of nasty odor-causing bacteria in your mouth as that moment because you were producing enough saliva while you slept. Makes sense!!!

This also explains why it smells worse for some than others, the drier your mouth, the higher your chances of waking up with really bad morning breath. 

But not in all cases, if your breath smells really bad it could be a sign of an underlying health problem. Extreme bad breath is often the first sign of gum disease, which is linked to heart diseases and strokes. It could also indicate an infection like an abscess, so it is best to go straight to your doctor if your breath suddenly starts stinking more than usual.

How to Reduce Morning Bad Breath

Make sure to brush and floss carefully right before bed. Leftover food particles provide more food for bacteria to multiply in your mouth overnight.

Please don't brush too hard, your teeth never did anything bad to you and you could be wearing off your gum and essential parts of your teeth

So there you have it. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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