5 Big Things I Did That Changed My Life Forever

I remember making the big decision to become healthier and stick to fitness so that it would make my immune system stronger. I was prone to malaria and could fall sick so easily even though my genotype is AA. 

The decision to change my lifestyle and become more healthy not only improved my immune system, it also made my life much better. 

A Quora user Zach W. Mills, who holds a Ph.D. in Communication at Northwestern University shared the 5 decisions he made that changed his life forever and I hope you guys will learn something from it. 


1. I started to listen more and talk less. 

This helped me see how many more similarities than differences I have with others. And it also helped me to understand that genuine connections with other people are so much more important than winning an argument.

I also started to focus on the positive aspect of things which helped me with depression and procrastination, by just doing things and believing they would work out, I was able to stop assuming. Even when things didn't work out, my positive view of things always told me to try one more time. 

2. I started doing the most difficult tasks first. 

I start my day by doing the most difficult tasks on my agenda first. This way my day literally gets easier and easier each hour!

I started doing those things that felt impossible on a normal scale, those little things I would normally put aside or give an excuse. Those things I always feel too lazy to do. This has made my life much easier and other people could see the change because I now work with a strength I never thought was there.

3. I started sleeping more.

 It’s a fact that you will perform better when you’re well rested. I no longer work really late into the night or pull all-nighters. I make clear plans for what needs to be accomplished in a day and I execute that plan. I’ve learned what can wait until the next day. And I feel better and I am more productive!
This has not only made me smarter to tackle life challenges, but it also improved my tolerance, decision-making skills and helped me with stress, frustration, and depression.

4. I started circuit training regularly. 

Circuit training is proven to be one of the best ways to improve overall health. I circuit train three or four times a week. This regular exercise routine leaves me feeling energized throughout the week. I have more energy to get more done!

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If you don't exercise at least 3 - 4 times a week then you are heading nowhere in life, even the world billionaires recommend exercise to keep the body up and working. 

5. I started drinking more water. 

Water clears our skin, cleanses our bodies of toxins, curbs hunger pangs, and helps us function at our full capacity. I try to drink a gallon of water a day. I don’t always reach this goal. But I strive for it each day. And my body thanks me for it!

Zach's life changed when he decided to make these 5 decisions. What decisions will you make in 2018 that will change your life for good, will you still be the same person who doesn't give a damn about his health and fitness, the same person who prefer to procrastinate and make excuses, the same person who likes blaming others and god. 

So there you have it. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor 

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