8 Ways To Increase Your Life Expectancy Before Christmas

Living till your teeth fall off is the dream of many including me, but as the years go by, it seems harder and harder to live a healthy lifestyle as the days work tend to bring struggles, stress, and depression with it. No matter how hard times may be living a healthy lifestyle should be of the utmost importance and should be taken more seriously if your life expectancy has been pegged at 53 years (for Nigerians). 

So, if you want to live beyond 53 and beat the poor quality of life you see around you daily, then you should try these 8 things as they will ensure your well-being as you age and increase your life expectancy. 

1. Exercise Immediately After Bed 

Working out should one of the most important activities of your mornings, working out not only help protect your body as you age, it also makes you age well, I mean you don't want to be looking like your grandfather when you are just 30. Exercise also helps with your mood and it fights stress. I don't joke about jogging when I feel down, it's like my own form of cocaine. 

You don't need to keep my 8 Weeks Workout Plan to be healthy, just jogging in the morning is a good start to get you on the right path towards long life. 

2. Spend less time on social media 

Yea, I'm serious, social media is affecting your health if you think it's hard leaving all your friends on social media then think of me who has over 14,000 followers on my facebook page, so I know it's a really big deal. 

But social media is really killing you, stressing your body out and possibly making you age faster. Negative side effects of social media such as eye strain, lack of sleep and social withdrawal are just a start. 

It gets worse as social media makes you less happy, imagine arguing with people everyday, comparing your life to those slay queens and kings and big boys and girls you see on your page and reading most of the negative news which is only what makes headlines these days, all that leaves a negative impact on your health. 

What to do 

Don't start your mornings and don't end your nights with social media: I mean surfing the net shouldn't be the first thing you do in the morning, it should be exercised, that is if you want to increase your life expectancy. It also shouldn't be the last thing you do at the end of the day. 

Focus on your other hobbies: Most people throw their potentials through the window just to live a fake life on social media, your hobbies can turn out to be your greatest source of joy, writing a book, programming, cooking, dancing, photography, art, and music are great hobbies you can start with. 

3. Eat According to How Healthy You Want To Be 

You want to be healthy and live longer, then focus on your meals and eat like someone who wants to live long and stay away from diseases. You want to eat as you like, gulping any food you can lay your hands on just to get fill your stomach, then you can, but don't expect to live a healthy disease free life and when those diseases and health problems come knocking, just know it's the choice you made. 

Eating healthy meals means looking into the nutrients your food contains rather than how salivating it is. Avoid processed foods (foods which are produced by artificial processes) and watch the number of calories you are consuming and burning. 

4. Get Exactly 8 Hours of Sleep Every Night 

To be sincere, I barely get 5 hours of sleep per night. I find it hard to sleep when there is so much going on in my head. I simply stick to my how to fall asleep faster tips to help me fall asleep at night, but sometimes I don't just want to go to bed since I would achieve a lot by cheating sleep. 

That unhealthy lifestyle not only cost me so much physically but mentally and emotionally and it took me double the amount of time to regain myself. Let's say I was losing myself slowly. Most people don't know how unhealthy it is to forgo rest and sleep until it becomes too late and that is when an illness could have made them bedridden. 

Nowadays I get at least 6 hours of sleep per night and I stick to it, but I advise you go higher, 7 to 8 hours should be good enough and remember to stick to it. 

5. Drink More Water 

Do yourself some good and drink more water, it would not only help you work faster and smarter but it would also

  • Increases your energy and make you less tired
  • Makes it easier to lose weight by making you full quickly, reducing hunger and contains zero (0) calories 
  • Brightens your skin complexion: I am fair by the way, but my complexion is something else, although it took more than drinking enough water to get there, drinking about 6 - 15 glasses per day was how I started out. 
  • Boosts Your Immune System: What better way to increase your life expectancy than to give you natural arsenal a boost. Water helps in the production of lymph. Your body's immune system uses lymph to circulate white blood cells (the soldiers who fight the diseases) and nutrients to all of the body's tissues. Water allows your kidneys to remove toxins from your body, if you don't drink enough water, toxins will build up and weaken your immune system and cause serious damage to your body. 
  • Beats Headache: Stop taking panadol/paracetamol for water can relieve. Some headaches are caused by dehydration and just taking water will make you feel better in no time - it's not everytime you run to the chemist you know. 
  • Makes you happier: If you live in my country, then you will understand how fragile the state of the nation is. You even have to apologize before asking a stranger a question. Drinking enough water can help improve your moods and make you happier. I find myself thinking more positive when I take enough water and that has helped me a lot. 

6. Set Your 2018 Goals Now 

Having a purpose in life can also make you live longer. As you struggle to achieve your goals, the obstacles you meet on the way toughen you up and makes you stronger (that is if you are like me who doesn't give up). 

Set your 2018 goals right now, don't wait till it's December 31st before thinking of what to achieve. 2018 is another chance for those who could not achieve their 2017 goals or those who underachieved their goals to try again. 

7. Change Your Perspective

Why is life so difficult? why is life so hard? These are questions most people ask almost every day and the answer to that is simply it's the way you see it. If you see life as hard, as take it as you see it, or filled with so many trials and troubles, that negative perspective will bring you down mentally and physically. It will also affect you health wise, making your more depressed, frustrated and stressed out with the things you see around you and for many what comes next is suicide. 

The simple thing you have to do is change your perspective, change how you see life, life is full of trials, but it's also full of beauties, full of greatness and full of happiness if you just try to see it that way. I have had my own fair share of lamentations and pains, but that doesn't mean I give in into negativity, I always stay positive no matter what and that has helped me a lot, mentally, physically and in all aspects. 

One more thing is to change the way you see health and fitness. Your life is heading nowhere, if don't give a damn about living a healthier lifestyle and how seriously you take your health is how healthy you will be. 

8. Jog  Immediately You Get Back From Work

Stress, fatigue and sleep deprivation, these work-related hazards (yes, they are), have once been a pain in my a**, especially if work so far from home and make use of public transport. Sometimes you don't feel like planning for tomorrow because you just feel like sitting at home and watching tv forever, but you got bills to pay. 

Everything changed when I started jogging immediately I got back from work. Jogging is one of those great exercises which not only relieves stress but improves your moods, rather than taking a nap, I walk or jog to keep myself feeling positive and best of all it also increases my energy levels.

So there you have it. With these, you will prove WHO wrong because she puts your life expectancy at 53 years (Nigerians only). 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor 

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