Donald Trump Drinks A Glass Of Water With Two Hands Like A Small Child - Worries Fans

Seems the President might not be feeling well after all. 

Donald Trump has sparked dementia concerns after he drank a glass of water with his two hands like a small child while unveiling his new national security strategy in front of military service memebers in Washington, D. C. 

Days ago, he slurred his words during Jerusalem speech and twitter users are getting concerned. 

He finished his remarks by saying: "God bless the United Shhtates. Thank you very much-sh."

It's not the first time Trump has been seen drinking strangely. In November, he picked up a bottle of Fiji water in both hands and sipped it awkwardly during a press conference at the White House.

Commenting on Trump's behavior, TV host Joe Scarborough said, "people close to him during the campaign told me [he] had early stages of dementia". 

A White House spokesman insisted the president merely had a case of "dry mouth," telling the Los Angeles Times that "his throat was dry. There's nothing to it."  

Asked if Trump had any related health concerns, Shah said: "I know what you're getting at. I'm saying there's nothing to it."

But brain doctor Dr Ford Vox - who has never examined Trump - believes the incident and other moments in his presidency, reveals that Trump has all the symptoms of predementia.

See more tweets below.

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