Men! This Simple Exercise Will Make You Last Longer In Bed

Today, having a great sex life could determine how long your relationship will last and how well your relationship will go. 

Lasting longer in bed has never been more important than ever for your sex life and if you think it is just something that you can overlook here are two facts that will make you have a rethink. 

Fact #1

It takes a woman about 20 minutes to reach orgasm and sadly many guys out there can only last for about 5 - 10 minutes. Truth be told women these days are hunting for men who can make them feel good in bed (no wonder cheating cases are off the charts). 

Women would prefer a guy who is very good in bed and treats them badly to one who is such a sweetheart but literally dead in bed. Face it, she will eventually cheat on you with that guy who knows how to press her buttons. 

So I decided not be one of those guys who wouldn't make a woman feel like a woman. I decided to source out ways to control my ejaculation so that I could have enough time to take her places she has never been in the bedroom. 

In my quest for a solution, I stumbled upon this exercise and within some months of practice (and some other tips), voila! I turned the tables.

So what's this exercise?

Probably you have heard about Kegels and Jelqing exercises, I mean you can find it on virtually every single sex guide. 


Because they actually work. 

Kegels exercises give you more time in bed by allowing you to delay your ejaculation to whenever you want. These exercises are actually the big secrets out there. Without them, I am not sure there could have been any other way to last longer. 

Kegels and Jelqing exercises give you control of your orgasms and when you ejaculate by making your pubococcygeus muscles strong. 

Bonus: It can also make your orgasm stronger and more intense. 

These muscles tend to contract unconsciously when you are having sex. The unconscious contraction might be due to excitement or nervousness (also extreme stimulating) and can make you ejaculate faster than you ever expected.

By exercising your pubococcygeus muscles by practicing Kegels and Jelqing exercise you can control the release of sperm by delaying it. 

If you keep practicing it then within two months depending on you. you should be able to hold off an ejaculation for as long as you want. 

Kegels and Jelqing exercises don’t require you going to the gym or even moving your body literally.  

I have not yet written a detailed article on how to perform Kegels (sorry about that), but I can provide some sources which can help you learn and practice them. 

You can try this one or you can simply search for it on YouTube. 

How To Make Your Kegels Work For You

While practicing Kegels you can use masturbation to know how much control you have over your pubococcygeus muscles and orgasms, simply stimulate yourself till you are very close to cumming, then squeeze on your pubococcygeus muscles. 

If you are not able to hold it off, don’t worry, it means you need more practice. If you were able to hold it off, don’t celebrate just yet, try it again and again, pushing yourself close to the edge and then bringing yourself back. 

This will help strengthen the muscles.  

Kegels and Jelqing exercises are very important, without them, I don’t think it is possible to last longer than 15 to 30 minutes in bed.

If you are nervous about lasting long you wouldn’t last long. I overcame this by practicing a lot of Kegels and masturbation to make sure I knew how long I lasted and how to pleasure a woman, before going in, so I had nothing to fear. 

Also to calm fear, excitement, and nervousness you can simply do that through foreplay and communication with your partner.

Kegels are really great and would give you positive results if you keep practicing just like I did, but Kegels alone wouldn't make you last really long in bed. There is more to it. Breath control, type of thrusts, sex positions, excitement and lifestyle habits must also fall in line. I will explain more on that in my coming articles, so simply subscribe below to receive my articles in your mailbox.

So there you have it. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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