Here Is Why This Successful Actor Wakes Up At 4:10am Every Single Day

Wake me up at 4:10 a.m. and then I could give you a death stare, not that I am a lazy slob, but getting enough sleep is something I don't joke with. I am sure that most of my readers feel this way and would not want to wake up so early when you could be getting some beauty sleep. 

Well, I always say that how you start your morning will determine how successful you will be and Mark Wahlberg confirms that. 

The really successful actor (you should remember him in Transformers: Age of Extinction) claims he wakes up at 4:10 am every single day to start his day with the most important activity of the day. 

Wahlberg is up before dawn most days for a workout with kettlebells, dumbells, bands and a jump rope exercising his way to good health.

The father of four still helps to send the kids off to school before a days work. 

There's more than enough time in a day as long as you're not burning the candle at both ends," Wahlberg says, "As long as I'm not going out and getting crazy, I'm good. I get eight hours of sleep." 

So if you still think that skipping a few minutes of early morning exercise is the best option to getting to work early, you are just piling up your risk of health problems, increasing stress, depression, and frustration. 

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Exercising just after bed not only helps you get ready for the day's work, but it also improves your moods, helps you stay focused and most importantly keeps your healthy. 

So you can either choose to start your day with a healthier morning to help battle against the stress, struggle and frustration we face every day or you can choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle and lose it all in the long run. 

So there you have it. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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